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Do you need help from a Fusion 360 expert? You are at the right place because Cad Crowd is offering the services of the most talented Fusion 360 specialists in the world. We will establish a connection between you and the best freelance Fusion 360 designers that can create the best design for your project. We have designers that are pre-qualified, vetted and supported by our team. We are sure that they can create a design that matches and exceeds your expectations. Leave the guesswork out of online hiring and opt for the best Fusion 360 freelancers from Cad Crowd.

Fusion 360 is a one of a kind software. This is an AutoDesk product created with one thing in mind: to become a strong 3D modeling software suite that comes with a CAM module that has many features and integrated elements that can help users finish their tasks easily. As we already said, this is a unique blend of CAM and CAD software. In addition, this is a very affordable piece of software which is why there are many people using it. Obviously, not all of them are experts and not all of them can provide great results, so stick to professionals.

Another thing that makes Fusion 360 special is the fact that it has the ability to connect the whole process of product development into one cloud-based platform that is compatible with PC and Mac. Thanks to Fusion 360, you can design, test and fabricate without using other software solutions. You can also work from anywhere and collaborate with anyone you want. This is great for big projects which include many professionals. 

Fusion 360 is used for different reasons, but it is known for its efficient features. First of all, people use it to iterate on the design and to explore form. You can easily test your design ideas and use a wide range of modeling and sculpting tools to check finishes and forms. After you’ve created a design, you can develop it even more and create assemblies to test the renderings. Finally, this software is used for fabricating design and for management and collaboration.

Our designers are known for their efficiency and they will work together with every client during this complex process. They are prepared to update you about every stage and they are available for consultations all the time. We have already mentioned some of the capabilities of this software and you can rest assured that our designers will get the most from each feature.

At Cad Crowd we are more than proud of the community of hundreds of top-rated Fusion 360 experts that come from around the world which we have developed here. They provide Fusion 360 services at more than reasonable price. Send us more info about your project. We will analyze your project’s specifications and requirements and suggest the best people for this kind of task. We'll also provide you with a no-obligations free quote for your project. Let us help you find the best Fusion 360 expert!


Member Since: 2013-09-25
25 years of manufacturing experience primarily in the plastics industry. Have created and assisted designs for major corporations as well as design for manufacturabilty analysis. Also have numerous years of experience in architectural design of residential homes.
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Member Since: 2016-04-07
Freelance Product Designer with over 16 years of product design, design engineering and mechanical engineering experience, helping to solve your design challenges and bring your product ideas to life!
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Evan Mayer
Member Since: 2016-03-27
Organized, detail-oriented, dedicated student of physics with experience in mechanics, and a passion for optics. Experience modeling, fabricating, and creating drawings for components with tight tolerances alongside those of colleagues as parts in a larger design.
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Andrew Kulikov
Member Since: 2015-11-10
My name is Andrey Kulikov. I am a CAD designer for jewelry and Industrial design production and have been working with jewelry for over 3 years now. I have a great understanding of how every jewelry element should be developed and designed. I have experience in 3D modeling using Rhinoceros, Gemvision Matrix, 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, SolidWorks and rendering in KeyShot. From my portfolio you can see that the range of my design skills extends beyond the common small-scale object design. I'm able to work on under budget, meet the deadlines, preparing flawless technical files. Moreover, I can prepare STL files for rapid prototyping 3D printers as well as CNC milling machines. I also possess extensive technical knowledge that allows me to see beyond the sketch or model, and to foresee all possible mistakes in manufacturing process. If you want to test my skills – I can make a test job. You give me the input info by pictures / sketches / drawings of jewel that you want to produce - I make a sketch 3D model, and we start working on it. I make all corrections for 3D model to be perfect. I’m going to update you with screenshots during the whole working process. Then we make our last corrections and fixes after which you get your model in desired format.
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Jesse Brito
Member Since: 2015-08-14
With experience in fields ranging from workflow optimization to medical and industrial product design, I have been fascinating by the art of computer aided engineering and design for years now. As the Chief Executive of 7C Laboratories, my success with personal ventures has been attributed greatly to my humble beginnings in design, and it only seems right to continue the work that has brought me this far, as it is highly fulfilling. Some of my most successful work was produced at my time at Cardon Rehabilitation & Medical Equipment Ltd., and Viper Tattoo Tables Ltd.; both of which introduced me to the fields of industrial and product design. I continued my work through my personal company after deciding to move venture onward. I still produce designs for both of these previous employers through my aforementioned business. Design is my passion, and I hope that in the future, we can work together to make something truly great!
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prashant kumar
Member Since: 2015-12-24
Mechanical Engineer (Industrial Designer ) I am a Mechanical design Engineer from India. I design layouts, detailed fabrication drawings for Power plant Equipments and Machinery. I'm only 26 , and the good thing being young and passionate is I'm open to creative and fresh ideas. My skills are : 3D printing. Expert Layout designer. AutoCAD 2D & 3D design & drafting Fusion 360 3D modelling. SketchUP make modelling 3D modelling , 3D printable design(.stl format) tested in print studio Microsoft Excel & word. Engineering Design & Drawing. Adobe illustrator , Logo design. Graphics design. 100% work satisfaction & Quality work is my policy.
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M-CAD Outsource Services
Member Since: 2016-08-13
At M-CAD Online Services provide high quality Computer Aided Design services at affordable prices worldwide. Drafting, Modeling and Assembly design including material properties, realistic rendering and animation. With over 7 years experience our costumers benefit of professional services and free cloud storage. We use industry leading software, high end workstations and a stable 1Gbps internet connection 2D CAD Drafting, 3D CAD Modelling & Assembly, 2D to 3D to 2D CAD Conversion, Design Modification (design change), Rendering & Animation Get a FREE Quote NOW at: or
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saddem baaziz
Member Since: 2016-11-10
I am a mechanical engineer with a specialty in the field of mechanical design and production, I am aware of the following techniques: * Studies and Mechanical design: pre-project studies, functional analysis, development of new concepts, criteria of functionality and integrity of Validation, Detailed Design and 3D modeling, materials selection, validation of rigidity criteria, standardized technical drawings and documentation. * Plastics processing: setup machine, Specifications of plastic raw material, processes for the production of plastic Injection molding, technical construction and 3D modeling of plastic parts and assemblies. * CAD Tools: CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS * FAO tools: CATIA V5, MASTERCAM * EAO Tools: Abaqus *injection molding simulation of plastic parts and injection molds (solidworks plastic, CADmold) * Quality / Project: 8D Problem Solving Experience Design, SPC CHART, FMEA Process - Produit, measurement technology, test methods, performance measurement, Timing.
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Member Since: 2016-10-28
I am a Mechanical Technologist in Mississauga Canada with 20+ years experience in AutoCad, Fusion and GeoMagic, I am a fully qualified general machinist where I have completed many automation systems design and build assignments. I have worked in the manufacturing industry for many years which gives me an advantage in being able to see quickly what designs are practical and cost effective to fabricate. I have rapid prototyping capability using a variety of 3D printers of which I own.
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sunny sihag
Member Since: 2016-07-06
I am a mechanical engineering student with some designing skills
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