Expert FeatureCAM Freelancers for Hire

Computer-aided manufacturing (or CAM) software are the future of production. Through these programs, manufacturers can easily calibrate their CNC machines and automate the way they produce their products and/or its parts and assemblies. These, in turn, will help them speed up their manufacturing process and reduce their operating costs — without having to compromise on quality.

There are lots of CAM programs available nowadays, but one of the best is FeatureCAM from Autodesk. This software comes with numerous tools and features that allow manufacturers to program machines in a quick and easy way. It works with CNC mills, lathes, turn-mills, wire EDMs, and bar-fed milling machines as well as various types of Swiss lathes.

FeatureCAM allows the importation and viewing of products’ manufacturing info and provides an automation tool to speed up programming time. It also comes with simulation tools that allow designers to visualize their program as well as various features that maintain safety and quality (e.g. enforcing the machine’s travel limits, avoiding clamps and fixtures, and creating collision-free toolpaths). 

If you own a manufacturing business, it’s easy to see that FeatureCAM can help you create your desired design and dimensions up to the last millimeter while increasing your time and cost savings. You can learn to use this software, but why do so when you can get the help of a freelance FeatureCAM designer from Cad Crowd?

These experts have been working with computer-aided manufacturing software for years and know FeatureCAM like the back of their hand. They’ve worked with different clients for various projects so, no matter what how large (or small) your project is and what your requirements are, you can be certain that Cad Crowd’s FeatureCAM freelancers can assist you.

There’s no need to worry since hiring a freelancer is easy. Simply get in touch with us and send us your project details, and we’ll take over from there. Our in-house quality control team will search for a vetted contractor whose abilities and experience best match your requirements. Once we’ve connected you with the right freelancer, our staff will be on hand to answer your questions and review the work of your contractor before it’s submitted to you. This allows us to ensure that our members uphold our high standards and that our clients get only the best possible FeatureCAM services. 

Want to choose a contractor on your own? Don’t worry since you can do that, too! Just browse through Cad Crowd’s list of FeatureCAM freelancers and select one whom you think will do a great job on your project. Once you’ve made your choice, hire the contractor through his or her Cad Crowd profile and brief him on your project goals and requirements.

Whichever method you use, you have the assurance that you’ll get only the best services and enjoy great value for money when you decide to work with Cad Crowd. You’ll also enjoy full flexibility: you can hire a contractor for a one-time task or pay him on an hourly basis if you need ongoing assistance with a project. You can even add him to your existing team to increase your workforce without having to hire a full-time employee! 

So what are you waiting for? Hire a freelance FeatureCAM designer from Cad Crowd or contact us to learn more about our solutions.

Ivan Zerpa
Ivan Zerpa VE in Caracas
Member Since: 2014-08-28
Mechanical engineer and industrial designer. I have experience in a CAD modelling, mechanical drawing, renders, using 3D scanning (Creaform) and reverse engineering using Geomagic software. I have knowledge in manufacturing processes (milling, turning, sheet metal, welding, etc)
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James Bosserdet, Jr.
James Bosserdet, Jr. US in Old Fort
Member Since: 2016-01-11
My experience and skills are extensive, numerous, and diverse. I am very proficient with SolidWorks with 18+ years of practice. I also have extensive experience with AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, and FeatureCam to name a few. I have designed products for many industries from Firearms to In-ground Pools, and used multiple manufacturing processes to include: Injection Mold Design, Structure Foam Part Design, Plastic Part Design, Thermo-Forming, Compression Mold Design, Machine Design, High Speed Packaging, Sheet Metal Part Design, High Pressure Pump Design, Piping Design, Furniture Part Design, CNC Programming, CNC Operator; and there are more I don’t remember. Accomplishments: Designed/Managed the Twix II Bagging & Scale project at M&M/Mars. This entailed demolition of the old equipment, designing the new working area and conveying equipment, research for the new baggers and scales, insuring all downstream equipment was capable handling the higher feed rate. This was the first phase of three. Estimated monies spent was a little over $5M. Designed/Managed the SmartDoor project at Radio Systems. I managed all aspects of the SmartDoor, both small and large sizes, from concept to production. This product produced a revenue stream of $90K a month with a production cost of $1.2M. Patents granted for this project: US 7,621,815, B2, US 7,798,103 B2, and US 20,090,255,481 A1. Designed/Managed the Panel Pet Door project at Radio Systems. I managed all aspects of this door from concept to production. The production cost for this product was $700K. Patent US 8,434,264 B2 was granted for this project. Extensive knowledge of SolidWorks (I own my own seat of SolidWorks), PDMWorks, FeatureCam and Mechanical Desktop. Comprehensive understanding of Arena, Oracle, QAD, Interleaf Software, AutoLISP, Word Perfect/MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Project, MS DOS, Pkzip, Windows NT, Personal Designer, Virtual Gibbs, Cadkey, SurfCam, Pro/E 2000i, RevWorks, FeatureWorks, Cosmos/M, and several other software programs.
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Brandon Colewman
Brandon Colewman US in Wichita
Member Since: 2016-10-08
I enjoy 3d design and work from home.
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Erik US in Atlanta
Member Since: 2014-05-22
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Chad Posner
Chad Posner US in West Palm Beach
Member Since: 2013-10-02
I am an experienced and creative hand-on engineering consultant who can communicate ideas clearly to my clients. My experience and skill sets covers a broad range of services and industries. I work from napkin sketches and ideas to prototypes and through production and distribution, I can provide manufacture-able real-world solutions. I will help you. I'm an inventor and entrepreneur at heart and passionate for all things technical, especially tangible things. My desire to create and understand how and why lead to me obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering studying mechanical systems and manufacturing. With this core skill set, I am constantly inventing, creating, and building new things finding success with each project. Working as a freelancer has given me the ability to work without the chains of a corporate environment and work in a way the flows much easier my clients and myself. My services include: product development, product and machine design, material selection, process selection, process design and management, mass production, tooling and fixture design, CNC programming, patent assistance, scripting, automation, micro-controllers, rapid prototyping, 3D and 2D Models, drafting, engineering design, stress testing, FEA Finite Element Analysis, web development, welding, Quality Control, industrial engineering, manufacturing, FileMaker and database development, graphics, catia, solidworks, autocad, rhino, CAM, CAE, DFM, DFA, and rendering.
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One Off Effects LLC.
Member Since: 2014-09-12
cts we create strong working and growing relationships with our clients. Our commitment to high-quality design and fast prototyping of unique things is at the core of our business. We are young and modern professionals, but experienced. We create and design timeless art, displays, interactive machines and products for a wide range of industries. We provide clients with attentive consultation and guarantee fast turnaround. What we do is both our work and our passion. At One-Off effects you will get enthusiastic attention to your needs and engagement from young professionals who have a passion for helping you design and deliver on your dreams. Based out of Ventura California, just north of Los Angeles, our facility services a variety of industries including film and entertainment, automotive and boating and industry leaders in aerospace and theme parks. We give our undivided attention to the lone inventor / entrepreneur in the same way we service a large corporation. At One-Off we’re up for a challenge, and our creative, motivated and innovative staff strive to fulfill your unique needs. Doing what we love brings out the best in us and we bring that passion and ability to client projects. Meet our CEO and creator, Benjamin R McKee, the lifeblood and soul behind One-Off Effects. Ben has consulted and advised for local and world-wide clients on all aspects of mechanical, artistic and aesthetic design. Ben worked for Magnuson Products as a project manager and resident artist at their corporate headquarters in Ventura California. Prior to that Ben held the position of project manager and multidisciplinary fabricator for TransFX (a custom fabricator). Along with extensive mechanical and artistic experience, Ben is a professional consultant, teacher and artist. His experience includes working as a CAD designer, CNC programmer, machinist, metal fabricator and pattern maker. Ben holds a master’s degree (MFA) from the University of Georgia, and a bachelor’s degree (BFA) from Alfred University. Recognized for his building of custom motorcycles and cars, Ben’s creations have been featured in multiple publications. A guest lecturer at Pitzer College and Florida State University, Ben has also taught at the University of Georgia and studied in Italy. His personal artwork has been shown all over the world in public exhibitions and owned in a variety of private collections.
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Mzi in
Member Since: 2016-01-25
I am a founder of CAD 360.
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