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Starting out as a 16-bit application for Microsoft DOS in 1988, EAGLE is now one of the most popular applications for electronic design automation. Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor or EAGLE was developed by CadSoft Computer GmbH and now runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. The program features a schematic editor for creating electronic design representations that are easy to read; a layout editor for PCB design; and an autorouter to automatically connect traces. As one of the most widely known CAD programs, EAGLE is used by many major companies including SparkFun, a popular DIY electronics site. 

At Cad Crowd, we are proud to host the best EAGLE CAD freelancers from all over the world. Our members have varied experiences working in different industries enabling them to provide solutions for varying levels of CAD design challenges. Cad Crowd is a space where only the best engineers, drafters and designers gather to render their services. 

EAGLE has been around for more than two decades and has been used by students, hobbyists and electronic firms for PCB design. The program has amassed quite a following because of its ease of use. However, even the most easy to use programs require the hand of a knowledgeable person in order to maximize the efficiency and usability of a design. This level of talent can be found only here at Cad Crowd. With a talent pool that covers the entire globe, you have access to professionals with a wide range of specialties who can deliver projects on time and within budget. 

You get only the best EAGLE CAD services here at Cad Crowd. We make sure that you are connected to a highly skilled, pre-qualified designer who has the necessary expertise to bring your project ideas to life. All the designers here at Cad Crowd have been vetted and possess the necessary skills required to complete any design project. 

Cad Crowd is home to the best freelancers in the world. You can choose a freelance EAGLE CAD designer by simply browsing their profile page on the site. When you like what you see, you can hire them directly by getting in touch with them on their personal page. 

You can also hire a freelancer from Cad Crowd by hosting a design contest. This is the option that gives you lots of choices from different designers. You simply state what you want from a particular project and wait for entries from designers to trickle in from around the world. Once you get the submissions, all you have to do is narrow them down to a single choice. With a design contest, you get the benefit of viewing design options before settling with one that meets your specifications. 

EAGLE is just one of the many CAD design tools that our community of drafters and engineers know how to use expertly. Cad Crowd is proud to be the home to a global pool of talented individuals who can provide solutions for whatever problem is thrown their way. As the home of talented and competent engineers, we make sure that your needs are answered. 

JamesA GB in London
Member Since: 2017-04-20
I am a design engineer, graduated from Brunel University in 2015. Expertise in a wide variety or 3D modelling, sketching, concept design (both 3D and 2D) prototyping, electronics design and design for manufacture. From graduating I have run an industrial services company, I own a Design Engineering consultancy and have worked on a wide variety of projects from startups to big name brands. Happy to work under NDA
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Ami H.
Ami H. US in Mequon
Member Since: 2017-01-04
Creative Electrical Engineer with over 11 years' experience in manufacturing and designing of solar energy equipment. Expert in Designing solar energy for residential and industrial buildings. Expert in designing PCB boards in various software like Eagle & Altium and also Solidworks. Looking for challenging projects and opportunities to help my clients achieve their goals through engaging various designs. I help clients find the subject and medium that best fits their unique identity and then produce high-quality solutions and services that meet their objectives. I am always open to my clients' comments and always put them first in my work. I educate them during the process of all my projects and committed to reaching their full satisfaction.
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Bob.P in
Member Since: 2016-03-10
Electrical/electronic design, PCB design, prototyping, CAD and 3D designs using Solidworks and AutoCAD are my skilled areas of work. As a PCB designer, I am skilled in working with Altium, CadSoft Eagle, and KiCad. For my designs and their simulations, I use proteus, Orcad, LTSpice. I am also experienced in providing renewable energy design including solar and wind power systems with special work experience for electrification of off-grid areas using hybrid solar/wind power systems. In addition, due to my technical job, I have extended my expertise to other engineering areas and currently accept such requests as 3D modeling, technical drafting, and high-quality 2D & 3D CAD designing/drafting in Solidworks and Autocad. I have over 15 years of design experience in Electrical and electromechanical systems. Good work experience in electronic PCB design, sheet metal, and metal constructions, 3D printing and injection molded part design. I am sure that my experience and my qualifications will help you to achieve good results in your work and projects. My main goal is making my clients fully satisfied by providing my best services. Bob Pershing
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himanshuragtah1 CA in St. John's
Member Since: 2014-10-28
I'm a mechanical engineering student with an inclination towards mechatronic and intelligent systems. Have worked on unmanned aerial, underwater and ground robots. Extensive experience reverse engineering, prototyping and creating 3D models,engineering drawings. Continue to develop my skills through online courses and on-the-job training. Seeking to challenge myself with complex mechatronic systems and contributing to the field of robotics. Favorite quote- "Live as if you were to die tomorrow..Learn as if you were to live forever" -Mahatma Gandhi, Father of Appropriate Technology Specialties: • Engineering related softwares: SolidWorks, Rhino, EagleCAD, 20sim, GIM, Matlab, AutoCAD, MasterCAM • Programming: ROS, C/C++, Python, HTML, SQL CHECK OUT: About me: Personal website:
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Member Since: 2016-11-24
I'm an electric engineer that have an experience in construction field[Design&Build]. I'm able to make load estimation based on client requirement or according to international codes, Design Lighting system based on lux calculations that's making by dialux program and based on required lux values in the project spaces that's based on international codes of lighting [ IES, CIBSE], design Power system based on client requirements and the services in the spaces, choosing and design the suitable panel boards, making panel board schedules taking into account Phase balance concept,making single line diagram, short circuit calculations and choosing the breakers rating based on it, Design Fire alarm network[Conventional or Addressable]. I'm able to make shop drawings by Auto cad to all the above systems to be installed in the site. Also, In field of electronics, I'm able to design electronics circuit and that's based on micro-controller, PCB Design to any electronic circuit.
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Queven Louie Recorte
Member Since: 2016-11-26
I am an Electronic Engineer by profession, having 5 years of experience as CAD design Engineer in a respected company here in the Philippines. and a part time freelance PCB designer and Product developer. People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player. For the past several years I have worked in Electronic designs, schematic design, PCB layout, and prototyping in DIY projects and consumer electronics industry. My experience includes successful working design from sketch to functional prototypes such as development boards, RF designs, breakout boards and lighting products. I have a track record of maintaining a consistent good results majority of my customers. If you seek professional help for your electronic projects, just contact me and we'll talk about it.
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Abdulaziz Hamdy Daha
Member Since: 2017-04-11
Undergraduate electrical engineer, power and Electrical machines Department
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Levenko CA in Toronto
Member Since: 2014-12-15
Hello, I am an Automotive/Mechanical Engineering student with 4+ years of experience using Siemens NX.
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Member Since: 2015-08-18
Freelance electronic design specialist in Montreal.
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Member Since: 2015-08-19
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