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If you’re looking for skillful and reliable DraftSight freelancers, you’ve come to the right place. Cad Crowd has a global network of experts who specialize in DraftSight services and can assist you with your project. Whether you’re working on a one-off project or need ongoing help, you can get the high-quality services you need from our designers.

DraftSight is a 2D design and drafting software that lets you create, view, and edit 2D drawings and comes with features that are geared towards professional users. These include drafting tools like polar guides, tracking guides, snap and grid, and chamfer and fillet as well as drawing setup tools like layer manager, RichLine Styles, and a customizable coordinate system. It also comes with productivity tools such as a smart calculator and a home palette along with other helpful features like a Cartesian coordinate system, Polygonal ViewPorts, and ViewPort locking.   

DraftSight comes in three variations: DraftSight Professional, DraftSight Enterprise, and DraftSight Free. DraftSight Professional is designed for small and medium enterprises that require CAD software with time-saving features but are not too expensive. DraftSight Enterprise, meanwhile, is made for larger companies that have heavy CAD requirements and want to create custom applications that fit their specific needs. DraftSight Free is ideal for students who want to learn CAD.

One of the best things about DraftSight is its inter-operability with DWG and DXF files, which makes it easy for users to share and exchange files with those who use AutoCAD software. DraftSight also allows the attachment of external reference drawings and the creation of binary or ASCII DXF files.

DraftSight has familiar a user interface. As a result, anybody who has used CAD software will have a minimal learning curve and find it easy to adapt to  DraftSight. Despite this, a lot of entrepreneurs opt to hire DraftSight freelancers instead of creating and managing 2D drawings on their own. This isn’t really surprising since tackling these tasks take a lot of time — time that they could otherwise use on growing their business.

Fortunately, finding a freelance DraftSight designer is easy here at Cad Crowd. We have designers from all over the world who are highly familiar with DraftSight and can effectively use it to bring your project to completion. To find the right designer for your project, simply browse through our list of freelancers and explore their profiles to know more about them. You can contact them directly to discuss your project and see if they’re the right fit for you. If you don’t have the time to do this, or if you’re not sure who to hire, you can opt to send your project details to us and we’ll connect you with a vetted designer.

The best thing about hiring a freelance DraftSight designer from Cad Crowd is that you’re sure about their expertise. All of our freelancers must go through and pass a pre-qualification process before they’re added to our list of designers. This gives our clients the assurance that they’re hiring people whose skills and knowledge have already been tested.

sldraftingdesign US in Mount Airy
Member Since: 2015-04-19
I am a dedicated Design Drafter with expertise in Mechanical & Architectural Design. I worked as an AutoCad Drafter for 5 years following school in the granite industry. For the past 3.5 years, I have been in Mechanical Design using Solid Works & Solid Edge. I can produce 2D prints using DraftSight (AutoCad clone). I can also produce 3D models using the aforementioned programs. I can also produce photo-realistic renderings out of CAD models. I recently started my own Freelancing business called Scott Lester Drafting & Design. On the side, I teach Engineering Design at the same community college I graduated from.
802 points
Vincenzo Ricci
Vincenzo Ricci IT in Rome
Member Since: 2013-04-17
774 points
jmorrow US in Mansfield
Member Since: 2014-04-08
I started my cad drafting career in telecommunications drafting inside outside plant cable designs for Sprint, Siemens, and Time Warner. I started drafting early during my junior high school years earning awards at the trade fairs. Major clients for campus installs where Bowling Green University, Kent State, placed fiber optic installs in eastern southern and western Ohio. I then started working for architects in central and northern Ohio gaining experience in commercial, health care, and residential, construction. I then freelance mechanical, electrical and architectural drafting services to clients in central Ohio and the east coast of Texas. I also with a team designed automated assembly lines for the tire industry Firestone, BF Goodrich, Goodyear. The tire plants where located in the US Mexico and Canada. I also draft additions, house plans, and renovations for local builders I submitted the plans to codes and permits for approval when tasked to do so. During the 80’s I was an armor tank crewman in the United States Army. I grew up in the construction trades my father was a contractor I also did and still do on occasion contract construction in central Ohio.
242 points
Martin Arguello
Martin Arguello AR in La Plata
Member Since: 2017-04-12
Freelance Industrial & Product Designer - 3D Modeling - Rendering www.mu-industrialdesign.com
83 points
abhishek suchak
abhishek suchak IN in Rajkot
Member Since: 2014-08-25
hi, right now i am working as a designer engineer in R&D center of very reputed CNC machine tool company. Design is my passion and daily there are new challenges in my work.
55 points
Sudhir Gill
Sudhir Gill IN in Rohtak
Member Since: 2012-06-09
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Blue Ridge Drafting
Blue Ridge Drafting US in East Flat Rock
Member Since: 2016-12-14
Hello. I am an electronics and mechanical engineer who specializes in 2D and 3D Computer Aided Drafting and its related processes. As a highly motivated professional with a passion for both the technical and artistic sides of engineering I consistently strive for excellence and efficiency. With four years of drafting experience in the manufacturing sector my skills include the following: - Rapid, precise 3D modeling - Neat and attractive renderings - Development of related engineering and manufacturing drawings - Prototype design/development assistance - Reverse engineered building, machine and part drawings Also, my background as an engineer and front line technician gives me a practical perspective when evaluating form, fit, and function. If selected as your CAD specialist I offer timely and accurate engineering and design products while consistently applying my technical, creative, and problem solving abilities to help ensure the best possible outcome for your project.
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Sextant Technical
Sextant Technical CA in Mississauga
Member Since: 2016-10-28
I am a Mechanical Technologist in Mississauga Canada with 20+ years experience in AutoCad, Fusion and GeoMagic, I am a fully qualified general machinist / mechanical technologist where I have completed many automation systems design and build assignments. I have worked in the manufacturing industry for many years which gives me an advantage in being able to see quickly what designs are practical and cost effective to fabricate. I have rapid prototyping capability using a variety of machine tools which are complimented by a variety of FFF printers.
42 points
Joshua Bustle
Joshua Bustle US in Berea
Member Since: 2017-01-08
I have a mechanical engineering bachelor's from the University of Kentucky. I have been a mechanical designer working with companies such as Toyota, John Deere, Hino, and others since 2010. I have used SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCad, and DraftSight to complete manufacturing machine designs as well as tooling/jig design and modifications. Currently I am using SolidWorks for design projects.
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ec-dd IL in
Member Since: 2017-03-20
Elise Chwan [elees – shwahn] grew up in the state of New York, USA. She went to college at SUNY University at Buffalo in western New York for a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and minor in Studio Art. Half way through college, she started working for an architect over her summer breaks in her hometown. Elise continued working for the architecture firm for 6 months after her graduation from the university. She received an opportunity to work for a unitized curtain wall construction facility close to Buffalo, and worked there for 2 years and 3 months with multiple responsibilities, including assistant project management, drafting, and CNC programming. Elise then received another opportunity to draft alongside engineers and drafters for a steel company. She worked there for a year, and then was accepted to make aliyah. She now lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, and started Elise Chwan Design + Drafting to offer her wide range of knowledge and design skills to local and long distance companies.
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