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Member Since: 2014-05-04
I am an expert in developing 2D drawings and 3D visualizer. Excellent communication skills to keep in touch with clients, making sure that the project designs match their needs. I'm a serious person, I like to do things well, I respect my deadline and I like to have a good collaboration and a satisfied client.
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Mohamed Elmeadawy
Member Since: 2014-12-26
Electrical design engineer with more than two years' experience in the electrical design and consultation services who has previous the experience working in many projects such as residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects, In addition to the ability of using software applications that benefit the design. Not only that but also the capability of making the design and workshop drawings for the power and light current systems including lighting, small power, cable routing, earthing, lightning, data, telephone, fire alarm, intrusion and sound systems.
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Arpit Suthar
Member Since: 2015-04-27
Highly accomplished engineering professional with 5 year engineering experience; having solid background in lighting & power distribution schemes, security systems, fire-detection systems, preparation of CDR, BOQ, cost estimates and tenders. To be a part of a deadline driven team involved in high quality engineering projects.
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Member Since: 2016-06-01
Hello! My name is Valerii. I'm professional BMS design engineer, and Power electrical engineer. I'm looking for new projects (freelance) in Building automation and/or Power electrical. If You have some projects in this case, I can do it. About me I have 5 years experience in designing. Last two years I worked like single (independent) engineer (or in small team (3 engineers) where I was senior engineer). I'm interesting in civil, industrial objects, cottages, flats, warehouses. What designs can I do: 1) CCTV: 2) Lightning protection and earthing 3) Lighting (outdoor including) 4) Electrical (Power electrical) 5) Building automation (from field to server); 6) Instrumental and control 7) SKS My expirience in power electrical design: 1) lightning protection and earthing: - completed near 50 objects (two Sea ports, and 1 grain elevator) - can do it on Bettermann, or other manufature. Designig passive lighning protection and active lightning protection - make calculation for lightning protection and earthing; 2) lighting: - completed three objects in Moscow for outdoor lighting with calculation; - working with DiaLux 3) Power electrical design: - completed 18 object of different sizes (most of all it was civil objects; two small objects was completed for Sea port); - I can design automatic input of the reserve; - I have improve skills in calculation. Create Electrical load list is not problem for me; - Electrical single line diagram. I can work with ABB programm, or make it in Autocad; - designing DDC panels - electrical load list - cable trench loyout - cable schedule - cable sizing volt drop calculations 4) I&C design: - I designed BMS system for plant of rigs in Russia (National Oilwell Varco); - I designed BMS system for "METRO" - building automation and control designing included: HVAC, heating system, lighting, room automation, fancoils, gas analys, boiler house, water supply system. - designing MCC panels; - designing fro field equipment to PLC$ - designing BACnet, LON, Modbus network - I/O List for DCS/PLC - instrumentation location How much I will take for designing not so much. For example: Civil object (25 000 sq.m) Building automation (near 1000 points), I took 2500 USD; IF YOU ARE INTERESTIONG OF ME, PLEASE WRITE ME A LETTER. ALSO I CAN SEND MY PROJECTS. Best regards, Engineer, Valerii Didenko
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Ioan Potco
Member Since: 2013-03-15
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Member Since: 2014-08-19
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Chathu Jayathilaka
Member Since: 2014-11-03
An architect, specialized in "Digital Architectural Designing". Well trained & experienced designer in building construction. Mostly using digital media such as, Auto CAD & Dialux for present work. Giving priority for interior designing, but very good at exterior designing as well. Worn different colours of hats in the career as "Trainee Drafts-Person", "Drafts-Person", "Auto CAD Instructor", "Auto CAD Designer" before. Currently work for a company which works through its Belgian partner, to provide the people power, for IT management, architectural & development projects in Europe and USA. Works as their Advanced Design & Digital Architect. And responsible for supervising & handling all the architectural, lighting & ventilation projects for the company.
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Flaviu Caba
Member Since: 2014-11-15
Worked for several national importance projects.Expertise in electrical engineering for high voltage, medium voltage, and commercial , but also lighting projects ith Dialux.
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