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If you liked PTC’s older products like Pro/ENGINEER and ProductView, you’ll love Creo. It’s a suite of design software mainly for product design and is used by a lot of discrete manufacturers nowadays, and it’s comparable to CATIA, Solidworks, and Siemens NX. Creo offers a wide range of apps that offer a certain set of capabilities and fulfill a specific need in the product design process, including schematic design, solid modeling, and Finite Element Analysis.

One of these applications is Creo Parametric, which is the flagship product of the Creo suite and provides all the required tools for 3D CAD. Another is Creo Illustrate, which combines 3D illustration and associative CAD rich, technical graphics that reflect the configurations you input and allow you to communicate procedures and product ideas in a clear, visual way. Other apps include Creo Direct (for direct modeling), Creo Options Modeler (for creating product variants), and Creo Layout (for making 3D models from 2D data).

One of the best things about the Creo suite of software is its flexibility. Each application is a complete, standalone piece of software that can be used on its own and produce excellent results, but you can also combine them with each other to create a streamlined system that promotes productivity and efficiency. You can even mix them with other products from PTC, such as Mathcad, Arbortext, and Windchill.

You can spend a few months or years learning about Creo applications and mastering their individual functions and features — or you can opt to hire a freelance Creo designer. If you’re short on time and want to save money, you’ll want to choose the latter. 

Hiring a freelancer is beneficial whether you’re a start-up business owner who doesn’t have much experience or an entrepreneur who owns a large, well-established company and are looking into expanding his venture. By working with an expert in Creo services, you’ll have someone who can go through your notes and transform your ideas into an actual, well-designed product. You’ll also have someone who’ll help you create high-quality technical graphics that you can use in your marketing materials and investor presentations.

There’s no need to worry since you can easily find the right people to hire here at Cad Crowd. We have a worldwide network of Creo freelancers who don’t only know how to use Creo’s suite of apps but also have experience in working on projects from both SMEs and large corporations. You can browse through the profiles of our top-ranked designers to choose the right freelancer for your project, or you can submit your project to us and let us find the perfect designer to work on it. Alternatively, you can hold a contest to receive several entries from our freelancers and choose the best one among them.

All of our Creo freelancers are pre-qualified, meaning their knowledge, skills, and experience are vetted before they’re added to our database and appear on our website. This gives you the assurance that you’re hiring someone who’s highly familiar with Creo services and provide you with the best possible results.

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