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Ridwan Septyawan
Member Since: 2013-04-24
Freelance Designer - 3D Modeling, - 3D Visualitation, - Concept Design, - Product Design, - Industrial Design, - Mechanical Design, - Rendering, - Strength Analysis, - Technical Product Documentation - Mookup and Prototyping (3D Printing or Machining), - Machining and Manufacture, - Inhouse SolidWorks Training. - etc Contact me : Phone : +6281 234 127 993 (Indonesia) Email : Follow me : Twitter : @1futuresolution IG : @1futuresolution FB : One Future Solution Youtube : One Future Solution
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Member Since: 2013-02-06
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Ace Cool
Member Since: 2015-10-04
Hi, I am ace cool and I am from India so let me tell you some more things about me I am a passionate person who always tries his best to improve something in any thing no matter if it is a smallest improvement but I always try to improve something to get better results. So about my skills I am a professional industrial designer and currently working as a machine and product designer. I am also working as a freelancer in many sites including cad crowd to get some extra skills as every new project teaches me something new techniques and too get some extra money as well. so bottom line is that I am a person who love to do designing and I am proficient with SolidWorks and use it for most of my designing work. Thanks For Reading waiting for your message. Ace
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kanwal pokkula
Member Since: 2013-12-08
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