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ANSYS CFX is a powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool that is widely used in CFD and multiphysics applications across a wide range of industries. It is known for accuracy, robustness, and speed.

Cad Crowd makes it easy to find the CFX freelancers you need for your project. This remarkable software from ANSYS brings a number of benefits to the table. ANSYS is a company with a reputation for bringing a number of exceptional software solutions to the table. CFX is one example of what they offer.

With thousands of design and engineering freelancers working from around the world, Cad Crowd makes it easy to find the CFX freelancers your project requires. Regardless of what you will ultimately need to accomplish with ANSYS CFX, we can help you to find reliable, qualified CFX freelancers who know what they are doing. With an experienced professional in your corner, you are going to be able to take advantage of tools that can be extremely useful endeavors for both design and analysis.

CFX allows you to simulate fluid flows in a virtual environment. It is similar to ANSYS Fluent, as well as ANSYS CFD. However, ANSYS CFX is distinctive, with its highly advanced solver that allows for nearly limitless simulations of fluid flows. CFX is also highly customizable through its support for scripting and an in-built expression language. Cad Crowd can ensure you find the freelancers in CFX that you are looking for.

You can find numerous examples of this software product being used in construction and similar building projects. A good example of what we are talking about is the fluid dynamics of ship hulls. Gas turbine engines is another good example of the kind of project that benefits highly from CFX. This work with gas turbine engines, in particular, can include CFX services that extend to the compressors, combustion chamber, the turbines themselves, and even the afterburners. 

You can also explore the potential of working with a freelance CFX designer to work on projects related to aircraft aerodynamics, pumps, HVAC system, virtually any mixing vessel, and so much more. No matter what you need to accomplish with this software, we'll connect you with the experienced analysts you are looking for. These professionals are going to be able to help you to accomplish a great deal.


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Member Since: 2017-01-17
We are a result-oriented group of Product Development Engineers (Mechanical Design) who succeed in doing multiple tasks. Ability to relate CAD & CAE simultaneously to develop durable and efficient products. Innovative problem-solving skills to multiply the performance of machine & mechanical components. We develop the entire system starting from scratch including CAD, CAM, CAE, CFD, mechanical, power etc. We have design experience in Automotive components, Industrial designs, Heavy engineering. We are here to fill any gaps or voids left in your job. We design your ideas all the way to production.
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Member Since: 2016-07-15
I´m a venezuelan Mechanical Engineer graduated from Simon Bolivar University (USB), with years of experience in engineering projects on the piping and equipment area, I have worked in the design of several onshore and offshore facilities including: dehydration and separation process, fire protection systems, secondary oil recovery’s systems with water injection and treatment plants, gas compression systems, oil and gas transportation pipelines offshore facilities. I´m very well recognized by all my clients for all the solutions that I find for engineering problems and designs.
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Member Since: 2016-12-15
I am a Master graduate student in Aeromechanics of Turbomachinery with very good knowledge in Aeroelasticity, Unsteady Aerodynamics, Thermal Turbomachinery, FEM, Aerodynamics, Vibrations, Structural Dynamics, Rotordynamics, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics. I have hands on experience with commercial FEM and CFD softwares. I have very good knowledge in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering. I have 5+ years of Experience in product development and detailing of composites and metal strictures. Also proficient in PDM and Team centre. I have worked for clients like DIEHL aircabin, AIRBUS, Textron and Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery. Extensively working in MATLAB and ANSYS ( Mechanical and CFD) right now . I am looking for challenging and interesting projects in modeling or FEA or CFD or in MATLAB.
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Member Since: 2016-12-22
Forward thinking Mechanical Engineer. Skilled in Design, Analyse and Simulation and with a strong understanding knowledge in Computational Fluid Dynamics-CFD, Gas Dynamics, Heat transfer, Engineering Mechanics and Principles, Operational and production coupled with excellent communication & presentation skills, Highly motivated and eager to learn new things.
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Member Since: 2017-04-23
Expertise : Perform 3D CAD Design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Motion Study (Multibody Kinematics & Dynamics) using state of the art software. If you don't have the time and extra staff to design and analyze your product, you can contact me in order to solve your design & analysis problem. I design & analyze your product, you approve it and you get all results. I am offering a wide range of below services : 1). Mechanical Design This includes any mechanical device and machine. This also includes redesign and optimization of existing parts or equipment. 2). Product Development Need a new product for a specific application? I will help you to realize that. I will work to develop new products or optimize existing products for a reduction in material and/or manufacturing costs. 3). 3D Modelling All of my designs are done in 3D. I’ll even create precise 3D model from your 2D drawing and vise versa. 4). FEA and CFD Analysis In order to guarantee the correct functionality of the product in real life you need virtual testing using state of the art technology. Area of expertise : Mechanical Stress Analysis, Linear and Nonlinear analysis, Static and Dynamic analysis, Fatigue Analysis, Buckling Analysis, Modal Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Internal & External Flow, Laminar & Turbulent Flow, Steady state & Transient Flow, Fluid Structure Interaction, etc. I'm looking forward to working with you in the future.
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Member Since: 2015-01-21
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Rashid Serakawi
Member Since: 2015-10-07
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Member Since: 2017-02-02
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Member Since: 2017-04-14
• Profound knowledge of Thermal management of system design and efficiency improvement of air conditioning equipment, Evaporators, Condenser, Turbo machinery components like Compressors and blowers. Proficient in performing CFD analysis and obtaining optimized design of components such as centrifugal compressor, axial blowers, Generator, Heating ventilation and air-conditioning units. • Complete product life cycle management, optimization of system design and efficiency improvement of Refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors like Reciprocating, Rotary and scroll. The life cycle involves the start from basic design calculation of compressor to releasing efficient and cost effective design. • Accomplished various projects in the structural analysis involving linear and non-linear models, static and Dynamic analysis, computing the motion and effect of large number of small particles by DEM, viscous damping models for elastomers, material modelling characterization, Shear failure and contact pressure analysis.
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