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Bentley Microstation is a famous CAD software program for 2D and 3D drafting and design. As the name suggests, this program was developed by Bentley Systems. The first Microstation was released in the 1980s and it was designed for Macintosh platforms. The latest versions of Bentley Microstation work only on Microsoft Windows OS. Microstation is used for the creation of many different things, but most designers and drafters use it for making 2D and 3D vector graphics elements and objects. More experienced designers use different extensions with Microstation to improve its performance.

Cad Crowd is a company and platform that provides access to the best Bentley Microstation freelancers prepared to cope with any drafting and design challenge. In the last few years, we were able to create a community that includes some of the most prominent freelance drafting technicians, project managers, engineers, graphic designers, industrial designers, architects and other similar professionals. Companies, organizations, and individuals that are interested in using the help of a skilled freelance Bentley Microstation designer who has completely mastered Microstation should stop their search. Cad Crowd is the one-stop shop for the most qualified and trained Microstation designers and drafters.

Thanks to Bentley Microstation, professionals can model, view, visualize and document projects regardless of their complexity and size. In other words, Microstation lets people deliver any project in a smarter way. Although Microstation is used by some architects, the main users are engineers and contractors. It is interesting that many government clients request Microstation files for facility work. In any case, if you need Microstation files or you need some task to be done through this program, you must use true professional who know this program and this is exactly what Cad Crowd has.

If you use Cad Crowd’s help you can be 100% sure that you are dealing with the finest designers. We are known for our practice of connecting clients with qualified and trained designers who have knowledge, experience and expertise that was proven many times on different projects. All the designers you’ll find on our platform work remotely on different kind of projects and they are prepared to work on their own, but if needed they can work together with other specialists. With Cad Crowd you can leave any doubts about hiring professionals over the Internet aside because we connect clients only with reputable designers. In the end, you will get exactly what you are looking for.

Use the services of a Bentley Microstation freelancer now! Spend some time browsing their profiles and hire a freelance Bentley Microstation designer that matches all your needs. You can also deliver some information about your future project and we can send you a quote. This free quote will be based on your requirements and needs and we can easily find the best provider of Bentley Microstation services for you. We are confident that you won’t find better options on the Internet.

Bentley Microstation is just one CAD design tools that our team of designers and drafters has mastered. There are thousands of professionals at Cad Crowd that can help you with tasks that require knowledge of specific software programs. 


Member Since: 2012-11-16
A Bachelor of Science in Architecture Graduate with over 21 Years of experience working in an architectural firm in Asia and North America doing Preliminary design drawings, Design development drawings, Detailing and completing Tender package drawings, Permit package drawings and Construction package drawings of different types of building such as Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Educationa,Industrial and Mix Use. 21 Years of Autocad Experience, 5 Years of Revit BIM Experience with knowlege of Sketchup, Archicad, Photoshop, Chief Architect and Lumion.
1666 points
Member Since: 2016-01-19
20yrs+ 3D Design-Mechanical-Architectural-Structural-Marine/Boat-Aerospace
309 points
Member Since: 2012-08-23
  I have over 8½ years of varied experience in different construction sectors like Buildings, Bridges, Metro Rail, Water and Waste Water treatment plants, Pumping Stations and Earth Retaining Structures while working for projects based in UK, Middle East, USA, South Africa & India. I am well experienced in preparation of General Arrangement drawings both civil, architecture and structural, detailing of reinforced concrete elements and reinforcement, Structural Steel detailing, Longitudinal & cross sections for Highways and Pipe network, 3d modelling, technical co-ordination and project management. I am experienced in ISO quality audits  I am proficient in CADSRC, Rebar CAD, Auto CAD, Revit, Autocad Structural Detailing, Civil 3d, ZWCAD, Armacad, MicroStation, Google Sketchup.  I am well versed in British, American, Indian and South African Standards.  
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Member Since: 2013-09-10
Designer couple from Barcelona ( SPAIN ) Laura Almiron / Industrial designer UMDP Master in Furniture Design UBA Phd in Process Engineering UPC Nicolas Brizuela / Architect UBA Phd Energy and Architecture UPC * europe based high quality solutions * professionals and serious * working on all design platforms ( autodesk or dessault ) * product design / inverse engenieering / photo real renders / i+d important: 1) We do not work with anonymous, false ip or countries in conflict or war 2) Projects related to military industry will not be allowed
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Rufus Edmondson
Member Since: 2016-07-18
I am a young architect / designer about to qualify with a significant amount of experience within architectural design, product and jewelry design, specialising in 2d / 3d drawing, modelling and visualisation. I work within rhino, grasshopper and cad, and photoshop / v-ray in order to produce detailed 2d and 3d drawings / visualisations. Please take a look at my online portfolio : I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Rufus
51 points
Member Since: 2016-12-17
My work focuses on visual explorations of culturally significant data. I believe that creativity and technology are formative moments of the same reality as thought and action, planning and implementation. My strongest talent is my ability to come up with creative ideas and solutions, and then my dedication and persistence to see them through. I see each project as unique and calling for a special solution. By sketching on my mobile personal device I could develop complete project package, and quickly and inexpensively create 3D visualizations with live interactive fly-trough’s, incorporate accurate satellite imagery, provide all relevant information and links to the detail technical specifications and impress client with outstanding presentations. I have directed and produced TV Broadcasts. Also I’m capable to produce highly interactive training programs to address industry-training requirements. Also I’m capable to design and develop fine-tuned interactive web solutions. Using the 3D model, I work with clients to gather information on materials and cost of production. This information can be incorporated into a marketing presentation for prospective investors, showing estimated costs, production time, measurements, and materials needed.
41 points
Ivan Balli
Member Since: 2015-09-09
I have fourteen years of professional experience in the architectural, structural engineering, civil engineering and fabrication fields, to offer. During my positions as CADD technician, I have performed numerous and varied tasks within and outside the scope of drafting and design. I am certain that my past experiences have given me the skills to perform the duties that are requested of me.
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Kiki Harianto
Member Since: 2014-12-11
I am Bachelor a Architectural engineering at Jakarta, and I have 10+ years of experience in Autocad, Civil 3D, ArcGIS and gINT and other software. Along with my CAD experience, and i am a freelance Architect or Designer
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Member Since: 2016-12-24
An organized and detail-oriented manager looking for possibilities to expand my outlook and my goals. Strong organizational, technical and analytical skills. Impeccable research, time management and problem solving skills, coming from years working on engineering firms as a Model administrator and IT consultant, and as a General Manager.
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Martin Mendez
Member Since: 2015-12-24
I’m an Engineering CAD Technician living in Southern California. I Design and create visual content. While working as a consultant for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, I specialized in electrical drawings for various projects in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. I have also had the opportunity to work for Southern California Edison where I focused mainly on CAD/GIS projects. At Parsons Corporations I was able to work in Civil Design. My career has afforded me the opportunity to work in both the private and public sectors and has given me a vast knowledge in all areas of Engineering and CADD/GIS. Currently I work for Metropolitan Water District of Southern California as a Sr. Designer. There, I provide drafting/design support to major projects by creating and updating various MicroStation CAD drawings/3D models.
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