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Designing a building that includes steel and equipment, and fitted with around 300 large bore pipelines is no joke. But everything becomes more realistic and achievable when you see visual representations of plans and ideas, complete with dimensions, calculations, and metrics that will take you that much closer to seeing a complete project. 

Using AutoCAD can provide you with the design layout and framework. But it lacks the 3D capabilities that will give you a more realistic lay of the land, so to speak. Well, you can always use CADWorx or AutoCAD Plant 3D. But wouldn't it be nice if you have a good integrated solution for plant design? This is where Bentley AutoPlant comes in handy. 

The modeling software is an industry proven platform for modern plant design. It can be used standalone, or as an AutoCAD add-on. Either way, you will have a tool that will help improve your plant design process. Bentley AutoPlant combines advanced 3D design and modeling of the AutoPlant modeler. With a tightly integrated set of tools for designing intelligent piping, raceways, and equipment, increased efficiency, lower costs, and easy collaboration across members of a project design team are achieved. 

How can you save time and money with Bentley AutoPlant? 

Work hours are cut down significantly, because you only need to use a single, streamlined application, complete with comprehensive functionality. Whether you want to build models or create accurate isometrics, you only need to use one software. 

Money is saved with a design that can stand alone, used for large, distributed projects or scaled according to your needs. With a design that grows as your organization grows, unnecessary spending will be avoided.  

But you can further save time and money if you hire freelance Bentley AutoPlant designer, who are experts in the use of the 3D plant design and modeling software. It's one thing to have an awesome application to use, and another to have an expert who knows how to use it. 

At Cad Crowd, we have a community of Bentley AutoPlant freelancers who are not only skilled and knowledgeable in using the software, but are also familiar with plant and piping design.   

When you hire Bentley AutoPlant services, you will have access to professional designers with experience in various industries, such as oil & gas, and in the use of 3D plant design, modeling piping and other mechanical and design-related software. Their skills also extend to equipment design, mechanical drafting, 2D to 3D conversion, structural design, and piping isometric drafting. 

We will match you with a qualified and pre-vetted freelance Bentley AutoPlant designer to oversee your project needs. If you prefer to hire Bentley AutoPlant freelancers yourself, simply check out a member’s profile and get to know them better. Once you find the professional you're looking for, click on the Hire button to get the conversation started. 

Apart from Bentley AutoPlant services, Cad Crowd also offers a wide range of CAD design services provided by contractors of CAD design & drafting and 3D modeling. 


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An organized and detail-oriented manager looking for possibilities to expand my outlook and my goals. Strong organizational, technical and analytical skills. Impeccable research, time management and problem solving skills, coming from years working on engineering firms as a Model administrator and IT consultant, and as a General Manager.
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Sr. Mechanical/Piping Designer Over 29 years of experience in various industries, process, power, biomass, mining, and more. 20 years of 3D CAD modeling piping, equipment and many other project related components. Skills and Qualifications: AutoCAD 2D/3D and Bentley AutoPLANT, Piping & Mechanical Design, Plant and Skid Layouts, retrofit and grass roots. General Arrangements, Piping and Equipment, 2D/3D Pipe Routing and 2D/3D Equipment Modeling, Isometrics, Bill of Materials and Take Offs, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Towers, Scrubbers & Vessel Drawings and more Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (SPED) Professional Piping Designer Certification - Process Plant Layout and Piping Design Certified - Houston, Texas for samples of work, please cut & paste the following link into your browser;
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VP & Sr. Piping Designer Calgary, Alberta, Canada Vice President Specialties • Business Operations & Development • Innovation & Design For Oil and Gas • Marketing Stradegy & Development • Web Design & Development Strategic collaboration for direction of the company and responsible for carrying out the strategic plan through overseeing operations, developing functional roles and assigning responsibilities to employees. Sr. Piping Designer Specialties • 3D Piping designs for various oil and gas process plants re generators, compressors, storage tanks, pipe racks, & Coolers • 3D Equipment layout, checking & designs for contactors, filters, exchangers, scrubbers, coolers, and storage tanks. for Refinery. (Hand Sketches, P&ID/Field walk downs, As-Built) • P&ID's/manual drafting -CadWorx -Bentley Autoplant -Solidworks -PDMS -CAD system management, AutoCAD 2000-2008 -ProCAD (AutoFLOW, AutoISO, and AutoORTHO.) -Microstation -Navisworks - 3D Piping & Equipment Modeling -P&ID’s/manual drafting
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AutoCAD user since 1996. worked for machine/ rotary parts, Piping, Mechanical related jobs. expert in 3D. 11 years of exp. in Indian company and 5 Years of exp. in Canadian company.
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