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Ivan Zerpa
Member Since: 2014-08-28
Mechanical engineer and industrial designer. I have experience in a CAD modelling, mechanical drawing, renders, using 3D scanning (Creaform) and reverse engineering using Geomagic software. I have knowledge in manufacturing processes (milling, turning, sheet metal, welding, etc)
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Member Since: 2013-02-06
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Member Since: 2013-12-15
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Member Since: 2016-02-26
Process & Design Engineer • Creation the 3D Mechanical models / parts • Creation the technical documents and consulting • Numerical simulations and optimization • Identify opportunities for new products and product improvements • Writing documents, manuals, metallurgical investigations, and reports • Manage the creation of new equipment product lines from design, development, and pilot testing Designer • 3D modeling • 3D Rendering • Photo Retouching
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Member Since: 2013-12-14
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Jorge Parada
Member Since: 2015-08-26
Autodesk inventor Product Suite Specialist 20 years exprience as Mechanical Engineer, working in banking appliances design, conceptual product design. Interdisciplinary work in Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical based systems. Finite Elements method specialist
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Member Since: 2015-06-22
I will destroy the top level designers
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Member Since: 2014-11-20
arquitecta especialista en BIM (Revit)
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Member Since: 2016-02-10
I am an Engineering technician with experience designing CAD models used by companies such as Bombardier, Go Transit, Chicago Transit Authority, and the US Navy. I have manufacturing experience with a background in cnc machining and fabrication. While in college I competed in the Ontario Skills Competition for Computer Aided Design, and placed first in Ontario. I later represented my province at the Canadian National Skills competition and placed 4th in CAD. After college I worked in engineering providing CAD solutions to customer and manufacturing problems. I have since returned to university and am looking for projects to keep me challenged, and at the forefront of my field. Please feel free to contact me if you have a project you would like some assistance with.
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Shawn Balch
Member Since: 2016-08-04
Currently the Engineering Manager at an aluminum extruder. I assist customers with design changes based on form, function, and manufacturability. My major role is to supervise Engineering staff and approve mechanical drawings for production. I am responsible for using our 3d printers to provide samples to customers of their products to prove out their designs.
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