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Cad Crowd can help you to take advantage of the best Autodesk ReCap freelancers in the industry. This pair of reality-capture apps has proven to be a powerful product for professional designers, engineers, and architects. The current version of Autodesk ReCap allows for the creation of intelligent 3D models from sources like point cloud data and photos. ReCap Photo and ReCap Pro are two additional elements to Autodesk ReCap that are often included with the full release. If you are looking for a professional who can provide you with comprehensive Autodesk ReCap services, then there is no question that you have come to the right place.

From the 12, 000 global designers, engineers, and innovators available on Cad Crowd, we'll connect you with the Autodesk ReCap designer best suited to help you unlock the potential of this program to reach your design goals. Whether it represents only a portion of a larger endeavor, of if your next move hangs keenly on the quality of the work that is completed through Autodesk ReCap, we can make sure you are working with freelancers who have the experience necessary to bring your work to life.

The current version of Autodesk Recap has earned rave reviews from users and industry insiders. The product has been praised for being remarkably easy to use, in addition to the fact that in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, Autodesk ReCap can provide dazzling results. In the workflows of the present day, it has become a vital element that gets designers from one point to the next with dramatic results moving forward. For this reason alone, it is important to trust your need for Autodesk ReCap services to a freelance Autodesk Recap designer who knows these apps inside and out. There are additional products and features that you can explore on the Autodesk website, as well. If you need a professional who truly knows how to get the most out of this product, then you are going to want to trust Cad Crowd to get the results you need.

Autodesk ReCap Photo, in particular, is an important part of this product. It allows designers to create an intensely accurate representation of a project. Autodesk ReCap freelancers will be able to show you what Autodesk is really capable of. Give yourself the professionals who know what they are doing, so you can focus on other aspects of the project in question.

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Anand Kumar
Member Since: 2016-09-20
ADVENSER is a leading service provider for BIM and CAD services in the global AEC industry. From builders and general contractors to architects and engineers, ADVENSER has been fulfilling the project requirements of companies with tailored and customized solutions for retail, industrial, residential, educational and healthcare projects. With its engineering center located in India and well established offices in the US and UAE, ADVENSER delivers a proven combination of accuracy, affordability and timeliness in all its project undertakings.
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sergiu capatina
sergiu capatina MD in Chisinau
Member Since: 2014-10-21
Sergiu Capatina Project Manager GlobeZenit September 2007 - Present Managing projects as : 1. 3D point cloud registration and modeling 2. Mobile mapping - Clients in both public and private sectors rely on our expertise for the mapping of areas, buildings, infrastructure, industrial plants, cables, pipelines and waterways. 3. Inventorization - Governments and companies have a lot of objects to manage. To do this in a more efficient way, there is an increasing need for the creation of geographic inventory of objects so that they can be incorporated into a geographic information system (GIS) or a facility management system. 4. Pipeline Services - Assist pipeline owners and management companies with the inspection and maintenance of their pipeline systems. 5. Data conversion - Data conversion of geographic data is a challenge for many companies and not without risk. From in-depth analysis to smart strategies. From careful conversion to easy-reference reports. From paper maps, documents, electronic images to any type of digital file. I have big experience in point cloud modelling software, such as: Leica Cyclone, Cloudworx for Microstation, Autocad, Revit, Terra Modeler, Terra Scan, Geopak. Registration of point cloud in Leica Cyclone, Cloud Compare, Autodesk Recap. I work with input point clouds in any of the registered “PTX”, “PTS”, “PTG”, “ASC”, “FLS”, “XYZ”, “ZFC” or IMP formats. I have done modeling of buildings, refineries offshore, nuclear power plants, chemical/water treatment plants, cell towers, airports, roads, railways etc. Benefits Save money on: - Expensive Point cloud software. - Traning costs - Investing in expensive CAD software.
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Billibong US in Bala Cynwyd
Member Since: 2015-05-02
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m.kosta GR in Thessaloniki
Member Since: 2015-07-20
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Colm F
Colm F US in New York
Member Since: 2015-11-04
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Member Since: 2016-01-15
BIMbutler is a licensed service provider with over 8 years' experience, 180 projects and 40 specialists on board. We offer BIM services to a wide range of construction companies and individual architects mainly based in UK, USA and Australia. Our core values are: - pro-active communication ------ (you get pro-active team constantly pushing your project forward) - quality ------ (each job passes throug 3-step internal quality-control before it comes to you) - critical thinking ------ (we get the job done and think about possible changes that bring additional value to you) We specialize in - Green building - Microbiology and food laboratories design The tools we use: - AutoCAD - AutoCAD Architecture - AutoCAD MEP - Showcase - AutoCAD Raster Design - ReCap - 3ds Max - Navisworks Manage - Revit - Inventor - Robot Structural Analysis Professional - MagiCAD - Tekla Structures Standards we use: - PAS1192-2 Services overview: 1 Concept design --1.1. Briefing stage --1.2. Concept preparation --1.3. Definition preparation 2 BIM for analysis --2.1. Clash detection --2.2. Construction optimization --2.3. Energy & insolation analysis --2.4. GMP compliance 3 BIM content creation --3.1. BEP (BIM execution plan) preparation --3.2. Architecture design --3.3. Construction design --3.4. MEP design --3.5. HVAC system design --3.6. Automation & low power networks design 4 Conversion to BIM --4.1. CAD to BIM --4.2. Paper archives, images and PDF to BIM --4.3. Raw files to BIM (point cloud, 3d scanners, etc) --4.4. CAD symbols to Revit families Solutions overview: - pharma - microbiology labs - food labs - chemical labs - energy efficiency and green building
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Kevin Layton
Kevin Layton US in Denham Springs
Member Since: 2016-09-07
I am formally educated in many fields of design drafting including mechanical, piping, architectural, electrical, and industrial design. I am also educated in descriptive geometry, fluid dynamics, power distribution, electronics, machine tools, product development and workflow, materials sciences, safety, supervision, engineering codes, and more. I have eight years of professional experience as a piping/mechanical designer with a focus in 3D design. I have over 15 years of experience with AutoCAD software and have professionally designed complex high pressure tubing systems, offshore and onshore piping systems, unique mechanical/structural supports, electrical pipe heat tracing circuits, commercial and residential buildings, valves, eyewash stations, tanks, vessels, and heat exchangers. I enjoy learning new software and pursuing other fields of design including audio, security, outdoors/survival, pet/animal, farming, tools, and hobbies. In my spare time I design and prototype analog electrical circuits such as portable power applications, musical sound effects, amplifiers, preamplifiers, speaker cabinets, and portable music applications.
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Ishtiaque Ahmed Khan
Member Since: 2017-02-28
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