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Although Autodesk Mechanical Desktop has been retired, it has been replaced by Autodesk Inventor thereby keeping the ability to create 3D prototypes of products alive. The program has been used by many design engineers to design products as well as create a simulation of those products. It plays an integral part in bringing a product from concept into reality. 

Autodesk Mechanical Desktop may have gone but here at Cad Crowd, we have Autodesk Mechanical Desktop freelancers who know the product and how it works. Since Autodesk Mechanical Desktop has been retired, files from that application can be migrated to Autodesk Inventor. It’s not a simple process but with the right hands, the job can surely be done. This is what the group of freelancers here at Cad Crowd provides. Our community of engineers has years of experience working for different types of companies and various kinds of projects. As such, they have the skill and experience necessary to complete any job or task handed their way. 

Autodesk Mechanical Desktop or its replacement Autodesk Inventor is a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software for mechanical design. Apart from that, the program also offers different kinds of product simulation tools to create a close-to-reality rendering of a product. Inventor includes options for freeform, direct and parametric modeling as well as automation tools and advanced simulation and visualization tools. The engineering community at Cad Crowd knows the product development cycle well and can provide excellent Autodesk Mechanical Desktop services.

With Cad Crowd, we strive to provide you with only the best services. Our designers are pre-qualified and are of the highest quality. All you have to do is tell us details about your project and we will connect you with a designer who can manage to deliver what you’re asking for. 

We can also help you secure the services of a designer through hosting a design contest where you state the goals of your project and wait for entries to come trickling in from different parts of the world. This way, you are given a variety of choices and make your pick of one that matched the vision of your project. 

Lastly, you can hire a freelancer directly from their member profile. Each engineer signed up at Cad Crowd has their own personal page where they tell potential clients their experiences and skills. You can simply use the Search feature to get a list of freelancers matching what you’re looking for. You can simply browse through each profile returned to find one whose skills and expertise match the qualifications you’re looking for. 

When it comes to hiring the best Autodesk Mechanical Desktop designer, there’s no place better to look than at Cad Crowd. We have talent from all over the world possessing a wealth of experience and skill. They can deliver whatever is asked of them on time and within budget, and they always make sure specifications are met or exceeded. 

Cad Crowd is the home of the best freelancers from around the world, and they can be hired for a price less than that of top design firms. 

MillHillDesign GB in Cambridge
Member Since: 2016-02-23
Mill Hill Design is a Mechanical & CAD design consultancy, based in Cambridgeshire. With engineers who have years of experience in the mechanical engineering industry. Mill Hill Design provides both CAD and Mechanical Design services, to suit our clients requirements. Mechanical Engineering Design With our mechanical engineering experience Mill Hill Design can take your design ideas from concept right through to final designs. Then help with sourcing manufacturers for prototypes and mass production. We can also do modifications to existing mechanical designs. CAD Design Mill Hill Design uses the latest Autodesk CAD software to produce 3D & 2D CAD models and engineering manufacturing drawings. We can produce new CAD designs and drawings from customers specifications or update and modify existing models and drawings.
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Tazo J
Tazo J GE in Tbilisi
Member Since: 2015-11-01
Welcome Dear Customer, You've landed on a right spot! The commitment I'm giving you - I will find the solution to your complex problem and you will get a highest possible quality job on your projects. And, here is the why... I'm an Aerospace / Mechanical Engineer for 20+ years now. As a mechanical engineer during whole career my job was to develop/design complex applications "from the scratch". Unlike one with only modern CAD application knowledge or just drafting as you might know the design "from the scratch" involves much broader knowledge and understanding of design engineering principals and approaches, problem understanding and handling in an optimal way, fast turn around and many more... The Aerospace Engineering in this part of the world includes strong background in various disciplines such as Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis. So, the fields of my expertise and proven experience include - 1. Aerospace / Mechanical Engineer for 20+ years. 2. Expertise in CATIA. 3. Expertise in SolidWorks. 4. Expertise in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). 5. Expertise in Thermal Analysis 6. Expertise in FEA (Finite Element Analysis). 7. Expertise in Kinematics / Motion Analysis. Currently I'm a 100% freelancer holding the Top Rated badge at the world's one of the leading freelancing resource. Having already accomplished hundreds of hours on hourly projects and many more with fixed price projects and continuing. I'm specifically oriented on completing the complex projects in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Flow Analysis, Finite Element Analysis. Dear Customer, be rest assured: Have the project to be successful - I Will Find The Solution!
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Ian Kerr
Ian Kerr TW in Tainan
Member Since: 2015-12-26
Hi! My name is Ian. For over 15 years I have done CAD drafting and 3D modeling. I have worked with the aerospace industry helped to make custom seating for executive jets, creating layouts for telecommunication fiber optic cabling, and for the past eight years helping to design and create new products for patient comfort inside of MRI machines. I love challenges and helping people reach their goals. I look forward to the chance to work on your project.
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rifqi prihandana
rifqi prihandana ID in Gresik
Member Since: 2014-04-10
7 years experiences as piping designer and engineer on oil and gas project, oleo-chemical project, petrochemical project, has back ground on mechanical engineer
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James Bosserdet, Jr.
James Bosserdet, Jr. US in Old Fort
Member Since: 2016-01-11
My experience and skills are extensive, numerous, and diverse. I am very proficient with SolidWorks with 18+ years of practice. I also have extensive experience with AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, and FeatureCam to name a few. I have designed products for many industries from Firearms to In-ground Pools, and used multiple manufacturing processes to include: Injection Mold Design, Structure Foam Part Design, Plastic Part Design, Thermo-Forming, Compression Mold Design, Machine Design, High Speed Packaging, Sheet Metal Part Design, High Pressure Pump Design, Piping Design, Furniture Part Design, CNC Programming, CNC Operator; and there are more I don’t remember. Accomplishments: Designed/Managed the Twix II Bagging & Scale project at M&M/Mars. This entailed demolition of the old equipment, designing the new working area and conveying equipment, research for the new baggers and scales, insuring all downstream equipment was capable handling the higher feed rate. This was the first phase of three. Estimated monies spent was a little over $5M. Designed/Managed the SmartDoor project at Radio Systems. I managed all aspects of the SmartDoor, both small and large sizes, from concept to production. This product produced a revenue stream of $90K a month with a production cost of $1.2M. Patents granted for this project: US 7,621,815, B2, US 7,798,103 B2, and US 20,090,255,481 A1. Designed/Managed the Panel Pet Door project at Radio Systems. I managed all aspects of this door from concept to production. The production cost for this product was $700K. Patent US 8,434,264 B2 was granted for this project. Extensive knowledge of SolidWorks (I own my own seat of SolidWorks), PDMWorks, FeatureCam and Mechanical Desktop. Comprehensive understanding of Arena, Oracle, QAD, Interleaf Software, AutoLISP, Word Perfect/MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Project, MS DOS, Pkzip, Windows NT, Personal Designer, Virtual Gibbs, Cadkey, SurfCam, Pro/E 2000i, RevWorks, FeatureWorks, Cosmos/M, and several other software programs.
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Edge of Steel
Edge of Steel US in Greenville
Member Since: 2014-10-05
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Rizky Pories
Member Since: 2016-01-13
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Member Since: 2016-01-24
18 years of drafting and design experience. I specialize in plastic (injection molding), sheet metal, die cast, etc.
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JohnGross63 US in Spokane
Member Since: 2016-05-26
My knowledge of and experience in using Solidworks is extensive. As a Mechanical Designer at my previous job, my role included guiding interns and new-hires through the process of modeling parts and assemblies to fit the engineering department’s standards. I was also tasked with producing large, detailed drawing packages for our fabrication shop to complete. Before that stage of production, the drawings had to go through an extensive review process by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. My job also included researching, costing and purchasing of components used on bridge cranes, gantry cranes, operator cabs and fish mitigation systems. As an ambitious and capable individual, I have gained expertise in almost every corner of the mechanical designer profession.
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Simo AU in Sydney
Member Since: 2016-07-06
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