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Every packaging project is unique and has its own unique properties. You cannot expect them all to follow the same design blueprints, especially when dealing with products or needs that are out of the ordinary. As such, you want a way to effectively and easily design your packaging to meet your own needs. That is the purpose of ArtiosCAD, offering all of the tools and comprehensive features that you need to design packaging. Cad Crowd's freelance design services here to help you make use of the software, getting the best packaging for your product. Hire a freelance ArtiosCAD designer to get started on your perfect packaging immediately.

Good packaging is something to admire. It works for the product perfectly, it speaks for the brand, it is easy to use and open, it is safe, and it grabs people’s attention. And, of course, it has to actually protect the product, too! When designing your product packaging, you want something that will work with what you have in mind. ArtiosCAD can help with this thanks to its numerous tools and advantages. Using it, however, might not be easy without the right expertise. Hiring a freelance ArtiosCAD designer takes the stress off your shoulders.

Freelancers can make sure that you take full advantage of this software. Their skills and knowledge will become immensely helpful for you, making sure that your packaging looks good and works.

Freelancers come with nearly endless advantages. ArtiosCAD services can make sure that you get packaging that looks great and has the functionality that you need. Artios helps you get the packaging that you will want to represent your brand. After all, this is the first thing people see of you and your product – you want a professional that can make that first impression perfect.

Our website gives you access to great ArtiosCAD freelancers. We have a long list of freelancers with years of experience in the field, with knowledge of the software, and with the ability to provide great results. Whatever type of packaging you want to create, we have someone who is a good fit for your project.

Your packaging cannot wait. If you want to make use of our ArtiosCAD freelancers, look into them now and begin hiring. You want to make sure that your packaging is everything that it should be.

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Mr. MANJUNATHA DT Email: Contact. No: (Mob) +919901477933 Present Address: #324,Madhuranagar 2nd stage,Varthur, Bangalore-560087 Permanent Address: : MANJUNATHA DT, S/o THIMMARAYAPPA, DOMMALUR (v), H-HOSEKOTE (P), MALUR (T), KOLAR (D) Personal Details: Gender Male Marital Status Married Nationality Indian DOB 15th June 1983 Languages Known: English, Kannada,Hindi Tamil and Telugu. Expertise Structural packaging design, POP design, 3D modeling. Packaging Product design Present Organization Organization : Esko Graphics India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. Designation : 3D Design Engineer. Period : From 2011 to Till today. Previous Organization Organization : Tri-wall, Bangalore. Designation : Sr Marketing and Design Engineer. Period : From 2007 to 2011. Previous Organization Organization : TTK Prestige Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. Designation : Product development Engineer. Period : From 2006 to 2007. Academic Details Qualification : Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Institution : B.M.S.College of Engineering, Bangalore. University : Vishweshwaraya Technological University. Percentage : 63% (first class) Year of Passing : June 2006 Strengths  Creative thinking  Keen Interest in learning New Things.  Confident optimistic, Ready to take Challenges.  Hardworking  Self motivated. Computer knowledge  Windows -7, MS-Word, MS Excel.  ArtiosCAD,CAPE,3ds Max ,  Esko Studio tolos,  Auto - CAD 2007,08,  PRO- E and CATIA-V5. Objective: Seeking a Challenging position with ample opportunity for advancement and growth in the field of Packaging design. Ambitious & self motivated with a strong desire & determination to achieve both personal & professional goals by implementing a proactive & professional approach. Roles and responsibilities at my present work  3D Job description  Strong 3D modeling skills for any packaging designs and also Strong in parametric packaging standards creation; experience in creating design with minimum number of polygon with high quality.  Strong in UVW mapping for any packaging designs by using 3ds MAX  Ability to think and learn quickly as project needs change.  Creating realistic 3d packaging models like bottle, pouches, boxes, flexible or any packaging designs which requires printing label to be defined on the model to use it in Esko studio.  Main role is to create a generic packaging 3d models ,Customized 3d models and also ArtiosCAD Parametric standards to product library and also customized packaging standards  Defining printable area on the model by using 3ds max UVW mapping.  Experience in Esko Studio software's like Studio visualizer,  Store visualizer,  Studio designer.  Experience in studio visualizer  Experience in creating a different material in visualizer.  Good in using studio visualizer operations on packaging models.  Experience in store visualizer.  Able to create realistic customized stores.  Experience in Studio tool kits for Illustrator  Good in creating 3d models in Illustrator  Good in creating structural designs in studio plugins  Able to create a 3d models in 3ds max or any Esko software’s like Artios CAD or Studio designer  Structural Design (ArtiosCAD) Job description Experience in parametric packaging design Preparing estimations to the requests for creating custom cad standard. Good in creation of design documents Good in creating POP designs in Artios CAD Experience in corrugation materials and allowances Have a knowledge of operating Kongsberg machine to cut designs and able to cut samples  Currently working with the below software 3ds Max 2013 ArtiosCAD Studio Software's (Visualizer, Store visualizer, Studio toolkits) CAPE Illustrator Photoshop Strata photo 3d Kongsberg Machine  Tri-wall India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (2007 to 2011) Sr Design & Marketing Engineer. Responsibilities:  Responsible for Brand positioning, developing new customer.  Understand the customer requirement and to design customized packaging solutions.  Develop marketing kit via different mediums for the organization.  Conduct professional presentations to prospective clients.  Designing cost effective packaging solutions.  Preparations BOM’s.  Preparations of costing & quotations.  Negotiating with customers for pricing.  Coordinating with customer getting PO’s.  Coordinating with suppliers if any new developments.  Scheduling orders for production.  Follow-ups for payments from customers.  Generating monthly sales report.  Performing managerial duty during manager’s absence.  Presently head of Sr Design & Marketing engineer for Karnataka region.  Meetings with customer’s regularly for new developments, new pricing and if any customer problems.  Good experience in packaging for industrial components TTK Prestige Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (2006 to 2007) Product Design and Development Engineer  Responsibilities:  Designing a new pressure cookers and cookware’s  Modeling, assembly & detailing of Assembly & components.  Development of proto sample.  Test the performance of the prototype for various functions like operating pressure of primary safety device, secondary safety devices and other tests against the requirement.  The sample prepared and will be given it for validation.  After the validation the final 2D drawings will be released for production  Maintaining the proper records of the project.  Regularly updating the design and drawings if any changes required to the running product. ACADEMIC PROJECT DETAILS : Title : “Free Vibrational Analysis of Mechanical Elements” Organization : B.M.S College of Engineering, Bangalore. Team size : 4 Abstract : Extracting natural frequencies and free vibrational mode Shapes for beams, plates and plates with circular hole using ANSYS comparing obtained results with theoretical results and developed ‘C’ Program under different Boundary conditions and aspect ratios. Declaration I Manjunatha DT affirm that the information compiled above is precise and accurate in its entirety to my knowledge. (Manjunatha dt)
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