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Member Since: 2015-02-26
Greetings CADcrowd, I am a design engineer currently working in the Optical world. I have a background in the manufacturing world designing everything from fly rods, Automotive, Aerospace, Headlights, architecture and glasses. My work ethic in the engineering industry is amongst the best in the industry especially for my age. I push to do the best of my ability and look for any possibility to make a difference in some ones life using my skill set or in the world we live in today. Although I am a hard worker and give 100 to every job, design, idea or opportunity I am given. I am also human and enjoy my time as well which if not spent designing, building my cars its on the golf course chasing a dream from my childhood to be a professional golfer! Thank you for your time in reading my Bio, I appreciate it!
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Member Since: 2016-03-22
A degree holder in Bsc.Mechanical engineering, I am able to work without supervision and within the given time frame. I am capable of delivering the best work ever provided the instructions, objectives and terms of conditions. In addition, in my field of study I have the following experiences: matlab, autoCad, inventor, aduino, Arena dimulation,solid works which are various design software’s and architecture.
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