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Developed by Altair Engineering, Altair RADIOSS is a multidisciplinary finite element solver used to solve both linear and nonlinear problems. It is designed to find solutions for a wide range of engineering problems, including linear dynamics, mechanical systems, and nonlinear transient dynamics, using explicit and implicit integration schemes. 

As a multidisciplinary solver, it encompasses different disciplines in linear static analysis, nonlinear explicit dynamic analysis, linear buckling analysis, frequency response analysis, linear transient response analysis, explicit computation fluid dynamics, and smoothed-particle hydrodynamics, among others. This makes RADIOSS widely applicable in different industries. 

For researchers, government agencies, and manufacturers, RADIOSS provides the standard for complex highly nonlinear simulations, such as impact simulation, crash analysis, and drop tests. As a leading structural analysis solver for highly nonlinear problems under dynamic loadings, it is used for multi-physics analysis and optimization for a wide range of products. 

For example, RADIOSS is used to determine the crash safety of automobiles, and the effects of a drop and impact on mobile phones. It is also used to measure terminal ballistic, fluid structure interaction, forming and composite mapping, and blast and hydrodynamic impact. 

What makes RADIOSS different is its scalability, quality, and robustness. It uses a multi-domain approach that enables Altair RADIOSS freelancers and professionals to simulate complex phenomena within a reasonable timeframe and without compromising accuracy. Equipped with one of the most complete material and rupture libraries, even the most complex of rupture simulations can be performed. 

For manufacturers that require impact or crash tests for their products, RADIOSS is a necessity. While Altair provides the software, Cad Crowd provides Altair RADIOSS services carried out by professionals. 

We have a community of Altair RADIOSS freelancers that you can hire for your project needs, along with other designers in AutoCAD, CATIA, Hypermesh, HyperWorks, OptiStruct, PTC Creo Parametric, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks. Together, they make up an entire team of design experts.

How do you hire a freelance Altair RADIOSS designer from Cad Crowd?


Contact Cad Crowd for information of the kind of professional you are looking for. We have a wide range of RADIOSS designers with experience from different industries, from mechanical to aerospace. Provide us with the details and we will match you with a pre-vetted and highly qualified freelance Altair RADIOSS designer. We guarantee a freelancer that will help you achieve project success. 


If you prefer to hire Altair RADIOSS freelancers yourself, simply and browse through profiles of the member designers listed on this page. To help narrow down your search, we have a list of software that our designers used, under which you will find the freelancers who use it. 

Design Contest

If you prefer to make a choice based on a finished design, you can host a contest open to all designers who wish to participate. Among the entries, you can then choose a design that satisfies your project requirement and pay for that particular creation.  

Regardless of which option you choose, you are assured of high-quality Altair RADIOSS services delivered by reliable freelancers. Cad Crowd guarantees it. 

Er.Rushin Patel
Er.Rushin Patel IN in Ahmedabad
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Selcuk TR in
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I studied mechanical engineering in Turkey also continue to MD. Specialized in FEA (Structural, CFD and Fatigue also experienced in Multibody Dynamics) for 3 years. Also have CAD experience on Catia v5 for 5 years. I'm working in Turkey now and seeking for opportunities to work abroad permanently or temporarily.
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Vernalis Engineering
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At Vernalis Engineering, a division of Vernalis, we focus on creating business value by reducing product development time through utilizing state of the art computer aided engineering technologies. Our team has served in both OEM and Service industries for 17 years. This blend of experience enables us to provide feasible, innovative solutions with consistent quality delivered within optimal timescales. All of which, empowers our clients to maintain their competitive edge. Over the years, we have built an enviable reputation in supporting clients globally. We are proud of helping our customers meeting their engineering challenges in the following industries: Automotive Forging Industrial machinery Home appliances Power transmission Special purpose machinery Industrial automation Wind energy CORE OFFERINGS New Product Development Re-Engineering Reverse Engineering Optimization Product Visualization
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Skilled Mechanical Engineer with 5 years of experience in industry providing product design & development, validation and simulation. Recognized as key contributor to product development for offering design modification and solutions to improve quality, reduce cost and improve overall production techniques.
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