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I am an engineer & 3d prototype developer.
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Cad designer by Qualification. 3years Engineering experience. I can deliver design/model from your general hand sketch or simple description, to use for council DA Approval, house sales plan for real state use or any other use. I can deliver your Project in any specific format that you require.. Example 2d plan, 3d, or animation. For prototype design, once I complete your design I can print your object in 3D* and ship it to you direct or email you cad files (dwgs) or a simple A1 or A3 pdf detailed plan ready to be printed. Call me and I will help you +61434349669 or email me now sami_guma@hotmail.com
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I'm a Industrial Designer (product designer), specialized in machines, mold tools, production methods, CAD/ CAM / CAD Software, rendering, technical drawing and 3D printing. Everything that I project, I make a render, a 3D PDF file and a test in my 3D printer (if it fits). I'm also have a knowlegde in technical language and I'm interested in translating Documents, pages and texts. I did some works for Heineken, WK, Sebrae, Senac, Tunkers and a lot of small companies here in Brazil. Guarantee 100% of a nice and beautiful work. :) I will be glad to work with you.
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