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The transmission provides controlled application of power in a power transmission system. This complex machinery in some cases may simply refer to gearboxes that use gears to provide speed and torque, which is being converted from a rotating power source. This machinery is most commonly used in motor vehicles and is a vital element to the automotive industry. However, there are other alternative mechanisms apart from the conventional gear and belt transmission, including torque converters and power transformation, different hybrid configurations, and automatic transmission. As there are various potential mechanisms that can be used in your next project, we can help you connect with professionals, who are specialized in different transmission systems, based on your own project requirements.

Mechanical engineers specialized in transmission design can help you plan, design, and model your next transmission project. These professionals are experts, offering CAD design, engineering and drafting services. Whether you are planning to create a new machinery including various transmission mechanism, or in case you need professional assistance regarding components, a freelance transmission designer can help you get the right result. Hire a professional online today, and acquire a top talented team member, who can contribute to your success!

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