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Tolerance analysis applies various methods to study the potential accumulated variations in different mechanical parts and assemblies to evaluate geometric dimensioning and tolerance. This specific analysis can help to fine-tune your end product, by relying on the gathered information, which can be the foundation of problem-solving processes, that enhance tolerance resistance of your product. There are various processes that can be applied such as:

- Tolerance stackups or stacks: to calculate the effects of allowed accumulated variations for different dimensions and tolerances

- Arithmetic tolerance stacks: deal with the worst-case scenarios, with maximum/minimum values of dimensions and tolerance, calculating maximum/minimum distance between parts

- Statistical tolerance stacks: use the results of arithmetic calculations, combined with various methods, to analyze the chances of the parts obtaining maximum/minimum values

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There are numerous complex methodologies which can be applied by a professional, tolerance analysis engineer. These professionals can help you reduce manufacturing costs by improving producibility and advising you based on the results of their analysis. 

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