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Cad Crowd is your one-stop platform for the greatest talent in the field of surfacing. We are an online platform that can connect any client with freelance surfacing experts that are prepared to create the optimal design for your product no matter how big or small it is. Cad Crowd has designers that are already tested and vetted and known for their quality, expertise, and knowledge related to surfacing. Leave all the dilemmas and worries associated with online hiring aside and establish a connection with top-notch expert surfacing freelancers from Cad Crowd.

Surface finishing or simply surfacing is employed in a wide range of industrial activities that change the surface of a manufactured object to reach a specific property. These finishing processes may be used to enhance adhesion, appearance, resistance to corrosion, solderability, resistance to tarnish and chemicals, hardness, change electrical conductivity, control friction and a number of other things. In some cases, certain techniques of surfacing can be used to bring back the initial dimensions to repair an item. Generally speaking, surfacing activities can be divided into two categories depending on their effects on the workpiece – changing or adding finishing and reshaping and removing finishing. 

Surfacing involves many different activities. Changing and adding finishing often includes burnishing, blanching, knurling, corona treatment, conversion or passivation coating, peening, galvanizing and plasma spraying. On the other hand, reshaping and removing finishing includes things like flame polishing, abrasive blasting, gas cluster ion beam, mass finishing processes, laser engraving and laser ablation. There is also mechanical finishing which includes activities like polishing, mass finishing, grinding, burnishing and abrasive blasting.

In most cases, people use surfacing on metal surfaces, but this is not always the case. The engineers that have experience in this field use modern technology on different materials including glass, coatings, crystal structures, ceramics, and polymers. Surfacing is used in many different industries from general optics, aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, and automotive. In any case, this is an activity that requires the expertise of a true professional in this area.

Cad Crowd has designers that are prepared to work through the whole design process together with our clients. They will provide a detailed analysis of your project and product and they will also deliver the final computer files. As we said before, surfacing involves a huge range of activities and the best part is that our designers have experience in each of these activities. When you are using Cad Crowd, you know that you are using the help of the best experts.

The Cad Crowd community includes thousands of professionals that come from different parts of the world. We connect clients with industry-leading freelance CAD designers, 3D modeling freelancers, engineers, and architects. You won't find this comprehensive range of services from conventional CAD companies! 

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