Freelance PCB Assembly Services

Cad Crowd has a huge database of PCB assembly freelancers in a number of locations around the world who can add value to your business. These individuals are certified to international standards, such as the various ISO quality management systems, and can provide any type of PCB assembly services you may require.

Whether you require freelance PCB assembly of a few prototypes, short run production or PCB assembly services on a larger scale, Cad Crowd can put you in touch with the appropriate company. All of our PCB assembly contractors have been vetted for their manufacturing capabilities and professional reputation within the industry, and Cad Crowd can guarantee that you will receive your product on time, to specification and with the highest standards of quality control applied.

Printed circuit boards offer good mechanical and electrical reliability, high component density, low cost at production volumes, and high interoperability in terms of assembly equipment and techniques. As such, this technology has long been the standard for the entire electronics industry. 

Even if you require your freelance PCB assembly specialist to undertake the entire process from ordering the bare boards from their own preferred suppliers (based on your CAD files) to mechanical assembly of the final product, we will have a number of PCB assembly freelancers who can do the job. Regardless of whether your design requires fine pitch surface mount technology capabilities (including rework) on multi-layer boards, or consists of a simple setup with only a few through-hole components to solder manually, we have the commercial partner for you.

Our PCB assemblers can provide JTAG testing, automated visual inspection, burn in, conformal coating spraying, ROM programming or even automated testing equipment verification if you so desire. You will find certified ROHS (lead-free) capable manufacturers, manual calibration services, and component sourcing; all under the Cad Crowd umbrella.

With the largest database of verified subcontractors and freelancers available, Cad Crowd can refer you to the most professional, reasonably priced PCB assembly freelancers in the industry, located in whatever region you prefer. We will have already evaluated that suppliers can conform to IPC (Institute of Printed Circuits) standards, safety critical equipment guidelines and more.

If you are looking for the best possible subcontracting experience, contact us with the details of your project, and we will be happy to recommend one of our partner companies. We will gladly provide you with a free preliminary quotation.



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