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Passive solar design is a key design element when it comes to conscious building planning. The concept of passive solar design is for various different features of the home to collect and distribute thermal energy from the sun passively. Windows, floors, walls, and doors are designed to store solar energy to keep the home warm without electricity. During the hotter months, these same features serve to reflect solar energy, thereby helping to keep the home cool.

The "Passive" refers to the fact, that this type of design does not include electrical heating systems or any other devices, instead, it takes advantage of the building's local climate and location. This can be achieved by successfully analyzing the site, where a professional can help design and implement a proper passive solar building design by paying attention to appropriate window placement, size, insulation, shading and much more. By hiring an expert passive solar designer, you can make sure that your project's end product has an outstanding quality.

These designers can help you plan your new building to stay environmentally conscious while reducing the future costs of the building. There are also techniques available that can help you to redesign existing buildings and "retrofit" them. Passive solar building designers can take part in project planning, site analysis, process planning, retrofitting, and designing.

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