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Microcontrollers, also known as MCUs, are tiny computers placed on a single integrated circuit. They are sometimes referred to as Systems on a Chip, also known as SoC. Microcontrollers come with one of several processor cores (CPUs) and input and output peripherals with memory. These devices are created for a wide range of embedded applications. This makes them different than the microprocessors which are used in PCs. 

Microcontrollers are usually used in automatically controlled devices and products like medical devices used for implantation, vehicle engine control systems, office machines, remote controls, various appliances, toys, power tools and dozens of other embedded systems. If a designer is able to reduce the cost and size, microcontrollers make digital control of more processes and devices cheaper. 

It is good to know that microcontrollers come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, mixed-signal microcontrollers are a popular type of microcontroller. They often integrate simple analog components required to manage non-digital electronic systems. Microcontrollers range widely in size, from small and simple units that operate on  4-bits and work at low frequencies to 32 or even 62-bit processors. This means that they don’t need much power to operate. There are also microcontrollers that are very important for the overall performance of some devices. 

Another thing that is important to mention about microcontrollers is embedded design. Microcontrollers are actually self-contained systems with a processor, peripherals, and memory making it easy to use them as embedded systems. Most of the microcontrollers used today are embedded in different types of machinery like phones, vehicles, peripherals for computers, and appliances. The best designers and engineers are well aware of these facts.

Our experts will work closely with you throughout this complex process. They will perform thorough product analysis and provide a suitable design for your microcontrollers. The process of designing and developing a microcontroller is not a simple one and includes several steps. Our designers are experienced with all these stages.  Because these devices can be central to a device's functionality, it's critically important to work with designers who are up to the task. 

The famous Cad Crowd community consists of a huge number of designers, engineers, and experts from every corner of the globe. Cad Crowd connects every client with outstanding freelancers providing top talent at a reasonable price. This is something that you can’t get from a conventional design company. Send us more information about your project. We will carefully analyze your requirements and based on this analysis we will suggest the right freelancers for your task from our roster of top-tier freelance designers. 

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