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Mechanical equipment detailing is part of mechanical system drawing that displays information related to ventilating, heating and air conditioning. This is an efficient way to help experts analyze very complex systems. With the help of this detailing, engineers and construction workers can speed up construction projects. This is standard practice for every HVAC-related activity. Mechanical equipment detail relies on the floor and mirroring ceiling plans made by the architect. Once these drawings and the detailing is completed, they are part of the construction project which is ultimately used for getting a building permit. In addition, mechanical equipment detail is here to help the parties determine the right price of the construction project.

Different countries use different sets of mechanical equipment drawings. For instance, in the USA, mechanical equipment detailing includes the elements used to create the mechanical equipment system and they are described in some detail to display the fact that the specification set by the designer are met — standards, weight, materials, mass, size tolerance, surface texture, etc. On the other hand,  mechanical equipment detail in the UK includes plan layouts, plan areas to scale, represents pipework with the help of single line layouts, and ductwork with single or double line layouts. 

The details that are included in HVAC design are the type, size and layout of ducting, thermostats, heat registers and diffusers, ventilation, special condition, heat loss calculations, exhaust fans and few other things.

Cad Crowd is proud of its designers that can work with you during the entire design and detail process. They will be glad to conduct a thorough analysis and cover all the details related to your project until they make the final files. Mechanical equipment detail services are versatile and our experts can conduct all of them. 

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