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Whether you’re looking into product development or building works, you’re going to need rough sketches to give life to your ideas. It’s how you identify what goes where to what, much like knowing how to position the gears so the wheels would turn. You get the picture, right? 

Well, this is what freehand sketching is all about. Whether done by an artist or a technical designer, sketches are necessary to explore and convey mental concepts into something the eye can see and appreciate. It acts as a stepping stone to refine original ideas, open other design possibilities, and fill out and solidify rough concepts. Simply put, it’s ideation on paper. 

Between freehand sketching done by an artist and by technical people, the latter is more complex and plays a vital role in many engineering projects. Both, however, requires the most basic of tools – paper and pencil. 

Why sketch freehand when there is computer-aided design software that you can use? Because it is quicker and easier to refine concepts on paper than on a computer. This is not to say that same can’t be done on CAD or Autodesk - change the design in an instant, but freehand sketching is less restrictive. As long as you have a pen and paper, you can turn ideas into something you can see. 

Freehand technical sketching is also the first step in CAD in many ways. This is why you’re going to need a skilled individual to sketch freehand, especially if you’re working on a project that requires an in-depth understanding of the various disciplines of engineering and design. 

Not to worry, Cad Crowd has top-tier freehand sketching freelancers that you can hire for any project, whether for product design, drafting or other projects where sketches are necessary. There are advantages to hiring pros, as opposed to sketching ideas on your own, or leaving the work to an amateur. 

Do you really need professional freelance freehand sketching in furniture design, for instance? 


Technical freehand sketching is more than just an art. It’s a science that requires proper techniques, including the right way to position your hand when drawing a circle or a line. Yes, precision and accuracy are vital, which are often achieved with skills, knowledge, and experience.  

Our community of freehand sketching freelancers has the skills to boast about, and the versatility to provide a range of freehand sketching services that extend to computer modeling and design. This means they have the skills needed to put your ideas into paper, such as Concept Sketching, Architectural Design, CAD Modeling, 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering and Furniture Design, and the knowledge to refine those ideas to help develop the product or project plan that you want to achieve. 

Cad Crowd will match you with top-tier freehand sketching freelancers that have been pre-qualified to ensure they deliver high-quality sketches, and collaborate with you through all the modifications of the original concept, until the best one is achieved. The same designer can recreate those sketches on a computer. This means you don’t need to hire anyone else or go anywhere else. 


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