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In case you want to use the services of the most successful fatigue and static strength analysis, then you have come to the right place. Cad Crowd will be glad to connect you with freelance fatigue and static strength experts capable of assessing every material you want for your project. We have specialists in this field that were carefully tested, chosen, trained and qualified. Cad Crowd guarantees that your assessment needs will be met and that our professionals will follow your directions. Get the most from your online hiring activity and use the help of Cad Crowd whenever you are looking for the best fatigue and static strength freelancers.

Fatigue, also known as material fatigue is a process in which materials and structures fail when they are exposed to a cyclic load. In other words, this kind of damage and failure appears even in situations when the measured stress range is below the static strength of these materials. According to the experts in this field, fatigue is the most common reason for mechanicals structure failure. This is why it is so important to assess fatigue and static strength.

Fatigue and static strength assessment can be completed in a few days. Most companies prefer computer-based assessment. There are actually three basic elements of this type of assessment. The first one is focused on determining the local service stress which includes dynamic, static, cyclic and stochastic stress. The second element is all about determining the local strength based on the technological effects like casting and forging as well as the effects of services loads like residual and mean stress. Finally, the experts in this field will help you with damage accumulation. 

Fatigue and static strength evaluation are very important for these products and structures. Besides the conventional FE solvers used for calculating stresses in local services, experts in this field use modern equipment and tools for calculating manufacturing processes like mechanical surface work hardening or shaping and specific tools for fatigue life evaluation like N-CodeTM and FEMATTM. The fact is that this process requires extensive expertise and knowledge and it can be performed only by true professionals.

All the designers and engineers you see at Cad Crowd are ready to work with you over the entire assessment process. They will be here during the analysis and they’ll be here when the strength is tested too. As previously mentioned, we have selected professionals that stand out from the crowd which mean that they know how to use the most sophisticated tools to finish this task.

The Cad Crowd community relies on hundreds of experts and professionals gathered from every part of our planet. We are connecting clients with top-ranked experts. They provide fatigue and static strength assessment services at an incredibly low price when compared to standard design firms. Send us additional information about your project and our team will analyze all your requirements and needs before suggesting the best expert for this job. Keep in mind that this is a free quote. 


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