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When making engineering drawings, it’s not enough to indicate the shape and appearance of the product or component you want to convey. You also need to indicate its dimensions as well as its tolerances. Dimensions refer to the actual measurements or specifications that the object should ideally have, while tolerances indicate the allowable variations that would inevitably take place during production due to human error or machine settings. 

Dimensions and tolerances are normally a part of engineering drawings. But, if your materials don’t yet have these features, you can always get the help of professionals to include the relevant information for you. You can hire a traditional design firm to do this but, if you have a tight budget or simply want to save money, why not get the help of dimension drawings freelancers? 

This is a smart move since freelancers usually charge lower rates than most firms. It’s also more convenient than hiring additional staff; since you’re dealing with freelance dimension drawings experts who know what they’re doing (and can do an excellent job), there’s no need for you to spend countless hours training new employees.

The best way to find a top-tier freelancer is to submit your project for a free quote. We'll review your requirements and connect you with a pre-qualified and vetted dimension drawing freelancer whose skills match your project goals. We'll also set you up with a free quote for the cost of the project.

Alternatively, You can invite designers to submit dimension drawings and choose the best one among the entries you receive. If you require ongoing help with a large project, you might also consider our hourly services. This way, you can closely communicate with your freelancer and ensure you’ll have someone to assist you with on-demand work. You can also monitor the number of hours that your freelancer spends on your project and pay only for the exact amount of time they work on it.

Of course, we don’t just stop at offering dimension drawings services. Once your 2D engineering drawings are completed and you’re happy with them, we can help you migrate them to 3D models if needed. We can also assist you in conducting various analyses (including finite element and computation fluid dynamics) to find out how your product would function in the real world. We can even connect you with rapid prototyping and manufacturing companies if you’re ready to step into the production phase.

From simple dimension drawings up to 3D modeling and manufacturing, Cad Crowd is here to help. Invite our dimension drawings freelancers to work on your project, or get in touch with us to know more about our services.

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