Curtain Wall Design Freelancers for Hire

In architecture, anything is possible given a sufficiently imaginative architect. At Cad Crowd, individuals and corporate clients have implemented curtain wall designs into their building through our experienced, professional, and skilled curtain wall freelancers. At your disposal are thousands of freelance curtain wall designers for you the building you are constructing. 

An architectural curtain wall system is the exterior walls of the building, which are not in any way structural. These walls merely keep the occupants of the building safe from the natural elements. The curtain wall system incorporates lightweight material and architects apply this system as a way of reducing the construction costs. The system also increases the penetration of natural light, thereby reducing the electrical bills for the building.

In the past, curtain wall system used steel and glass, but advancement in construction designs has allowed the use of an aluminum structure filled with glass to create an architectural masterpiece. Here are the different curtain wall design services that our curtain wall freelancers offer. 

Stick systems: - Installation of the curtain wall is by the use of long pieces of glass otherwise known as sticks, between floors vertically or horizontally. Fabrication of the frame is possible in a shop, but the installation and grazing processes completed on site.

Ladder Systems: - This system has splittable mullions which are screwed together, clipped or screwed together and it consists of a half box and plate. With this system, builders fabricate sections of the curtain wall in a shop, which reduces the installation time on the site.

Unitized Systems: - This system involves the fabrication and assembly of the curtain wall panels in a factory. Some will include factory glazing though it is not always the case. The completed panels form the building’s enclosure. This type of system uses lower onsite installation costs, faster installation time, and a high degree of quality control.

Our freelance curtain wall designers have the expertise to come up with designs that will handle any load set on the curtain wall as well as keeping air and water from getting into the interior of the building. We offer experienced and skilled freelance curtain wall designers with revolutionary curtain wall services in any part of the world.

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