Custom Cabinetry Design Freelancers for Hire

Cad Crowd is a market leader in the provision of freelance cabinetry design, drafting, and engineering services. With over 12,000 freelance cabinetry designers, who possess skills as well as expertise in cabinetry design services, you are sure to take the guesswork out of hiring online cabinetry design freelancers. Out of our community of freelancers, guarantees you to find cabinetry designers from different schools of design. 

Our designers can guide you in making a decision between the various types of cabinetry design styles available. Below are some of the different schools of design in cabinetry.

French Provincial

This type of cabinetry design is very ornate, and these kinds of cabinets often come painted or stained. This process leaves the wood concealed. The corners of the French provincial cabinet come decorated with gold leaf or some other type of gilding. The flat services, on the other hand, have artworks painted on the wood. Initially, the French Provincial cabinetry masters used beech wood, but in the present age, other types of wood are often used.


Our master cabinetry design freelancers can expertly produce the Scandinavian type of cabinets characterized by clean horizontal and vertical lines. This kind of cabinetry design lacks ornamentation, but it is more about the materials used rather than the design of the cabinet.

Early American Colonial

This type of cabinetry design places emphasis on both materials used as well as the form of the cabinet. Our cabinetry design freelancers have the ability to produce the early American Colonial designs characterized by turned spindles, and steaming the wood to bend it. Early American Colonial cabinetry designs services incorporate the use of deciduous hardwood trees especially cherry or walnut trees.


This is the least polished of the cabinetry design styles, but the results can still be striking. Our freelance cabinetry design experts are versed in the art of producing these practical designs by focusing as much as possible on how the wood existed in its natural element.

Our designers will ensure to work with you from the initial design process until the delivery of the type of design you want either for your home or for business. Other schools of design include Mission Style characterized by straight and thick horizontal and vertical lines as well as flat panels, Oriental characterized by the use of Asian materials like rattan and bamboo, and Shaker characterized by function and symmetry. Visit our site Cad Crowd, for the best cabinetry design services.

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