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Dinithi Epa
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diego architetto
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My name is Diego Bortolato, I'm an italian architect, and I'm well specialized in luxury retail spaces and Jewellery shops design, and i've been working as image consultant for several companies.I'm an enthusiastic of good design and quite a fanatic of details and natural materials.I've started to work in this field as a professionist in 1998 after a period of six years in Milano, and I've spent a couple of years of my career in London at the beginning of the new century.I've been working for several clients, from different countries and cultures, practicing in Italy (from Torino to Amalfi) Switzerland, England, Lebanon, Dubay and partially in Russia.I've been working for jewellery firms like Leo Pizzo, Annamaria Cammilli, Crivelli, Lançon, Jahan Jewellery, Spallanzani, Staurino F.lli, RCM, Fa Gioielli, Roberta PorratiIn this period I'm developing a Villa on the Monferrato HillsNew Exciting experience
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I am engaged in custom fabrication of and design for 40 years, primarily in wood. Most of the time I am exercising my creative nature and inventing new and practical structures for everyday living that will have low impact on Nature.
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Graduated Dublin Institute of technology with an honours degree in Product Design in 2009. I found 3D solid modelling on Solidworks to be great fun, and it seemed to come naturally to me. Getting a photorealistic rendering of a model just right is what makes the hours modelling it in dull grey worth it! Since graduating I've worked on personal projects and recently on professional contracts via a design company. It was there that I learned SpaceClaim 2012, and I love it. I find it's incredibly quick and great for modelling early in the design process as changes and tweaks are far easier than other software I've experienced. I enjoy a challenge and am open to all industries and specialities.
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I am a fresh graduate mechanical engineer. During my graduation years I felt attraction towards engineering designing which led me to pass my time with Solidworks during my free times. Eventually, I fell in love with this software as I spent more time with it. I love creating new objects which can serve new purposes. It gives me immense pleasure. I am a very fun loving persons. I love to explore and travel. But I am highly serious about my work. 100% satisfaction of the client is my motto. I can work hard and will work hard to gain full consent.
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Arun Shambu
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Brasilian decendent but born in NYC. Love Music and Arts Would like to invent or create something that changes the world.
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