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I am engaged in custom fabrication of and design for 40 years, primarily in wood. Most of the time I am exercising my creative nature and inventing new and practical structures for everyday living that will have low impact on Nature.
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Graduated Dublin Institute of technology with an honours degree in Product Design in 2009. I found 3D solid modelling on Solidworks to be great fun, and it seemed to come naturally to me. Getting a photorealistic rendering of a model just right is what makes the hours modelling it in dull grey worth it! Since graduating I've worked on personal projects and recently on professional contracts via a design company. It was there that I learned SpaceClaim 2012, and I love it. I find it's incredibly quick and great for modelling early in the design process as changes and tweaks are far easier than other software I've experienced. I enjoy a challenge and am open to all industries and specialities.
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