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Member Since: 2017-02-12
Am a simple person has an unlimited objectives in my future career, i dreamed to be one of the best mechanical design engineers in my country and am working to develop myself to achieve my big dream
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Mechanical Design
Member Since: 2016-12-08
I am a mechanical design engineer currently working in a company apecializing in metalworking manufacturing industry. I am an expert solidworks and autoswak inventor user. Additionally I have some experience in using Catia. I am also proefficient in performing finite element method analysis for structural as well as thermo-mechanical steady-state and transient analysis. My professional day-to-day activitt involves working with the following manufacturing processes: sheemetal/weldment profile material laser cutting, bending, rolling, milling, turning, welding, assembly, outsourcing.
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gregwsheldon CA in Belleville
Member Since: 2014-11-20
As you know my name is Greg Sheldon. But what you don't know is that I have a knack for efficiency and a passion for 3D Cad design using Solidworks. Plus! I work in the commercial and industrial markets doing real world design, of real working parts and assemblies every single day. With that said, it indicates I am capable of seeing potential problems before they arise. And I certainly don't have any problem discussing these issues with my clients and/or you. This is simply because its always better to catch the problem in design than having to recall a product down the road, which will ultimately cost everyone a bunch of money... So that's just barely scratching the surface about me, and I look forward to any future endeavor with you. Oh and I am a Canadian resident just outside Toronto Ontario, and speak excellent english.
36 points
Tmallard US in Dover
Member Since: 2014-11-24
25 points
Seputra07 ID in Jakarta
Member Since: 2015-11-14
a mechanical engineer who love to design something new.
20 points
osoz TR in
Member Since: 2015-01-18
Product Development Engineer In the pursuit of a workable and economical design I had the onus of: creating structures, weldments, sheet/plate metal parts, & driven mechanisms; selecting motors (AC & Servo), gearboxes, & sensors; researching new materials & technologies; drafting drawings for the machining, fabrication, & processing of parts alongside the assembly of components. To prove the validity and soundness of my designs and those of my teammates I made use of FEA programs (Solidworks Simulation), mechanism simulators (SAM), and pen and paper analysis of structures and assemblies.
10 points
Member Since: 2017-01-23
Aerospace trained apprentice with 20 years engineering experience. Currently design and maintain automated cells in the manufacturing industry.
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Roman Russkikh
Roman Russkikh RU in Saint Petersburg
Member Since: 2017-01-16
I am innovative and wide experienced mechanical engineer with over six years of experience in successful implementing of projects from idea to perfectly working equipment. My work includes design and construction of mechanical equipment in particular furniture and technology related products for workplaces, fire resistant constructions and milk industry equipment. I also have a successful experience in improvement of productive efficiency by finding new solutions in manufacturing. 12/2009 – 04/2011 Mechanical engineer «Ronix» | Kirov, Russia | http://www.roniks.info - Individually developed and designed tanks and vessels for milk industry (curd vat, chill tanks, storage tanks for milk and vat pasteurizer) as well as service equipment (tables, vat and stairs) which used in day-to-day operations of milk factories over whole territory of Russian Federation and Kazakhstan; - Increased sales of equipment due to introduction of innovative technologies as well as development of high-quality technical assignment; - Reduced schedule terms for equipment production due to introduction of new operations and production methods; - Reduced schedule terms for putting into operation of equipment due to high quality of developed manuals and instructions for installation and operation of equipment; - Attracted new clients due to developed and designed new types of cooling and heating jackets as well as mixers for tank and vessels. 04/2011 – 03/2012 Mechanical Engineer «SET - Fire-resistant» | Saint Petersburg, Russia - Individually developed and designed fire-resistant curtains with the application of new technical solutions; - Improved technical characteristics of fire-resistant curtains that already developed in company due to creation of new mechanisms and units and introduction of new types of fireproof fabric coatings; - Increased sales of fire-resistance curtains due to application of innovative technologies and fireproof fabrics in the production of fire-resistant curtains; - Reduced threefold term for installation of fire-resistance curtains due to the high quality of developed manuals and instructions as well as introduction of innovative elements in constructional design of fire-resistant curtains; - Successfully conducted negotiations with Chinese partners in regard to conclusion of contract on supply of fireproof fabrics on the most favorable terms; - Successfully provided consultations for clients in regard to application of fire-resistance constructions in completed and designed buildings. 04/2012 – Present Lead Mechanical Engineer “Fire-resistant constructions” | Saint Petersburg, Russia | http://npoppk.ru - Created a new division in company for construction of fire-resistant equipment from the ground up; - Offered innovative solutions for clients in fire safety on various kinds of facilities including educational facilities, hospitals, shopping malls, stores, office buildings, public eating facilities etc.; - Individually developed and successfully put into operation fire-resistant constructions (curtains, windows, doors and gates); - Arranged manufacturing process in company from the ground up; - Individually developed, designed and successfully put into operation unique fire resistant curtains with closed curve forms and mobile fire resistant shield for inflammable repairs for major oil company in Russia; - Extended sales territory across all regions of Russia and Kazakhstan; - Successfully conducted negotiations with Chinese and German partners in regard to supply of fireproof fabric and components for fire-resistant constructions at the price that twice less than primary offered price; - Successfully conducted modernization and optimization of manufacturing process in conditions of financial crisis; - Implemented new types of fireproof fabric coatings that allow to increase service life of fire-resistant curtains; - Engaged new clients due to production of unique fire-resistant constructions that know no equals among equipment produced by competitors in its price and quality; - Successfully removed and fixed defects of fire-resistant constructions produced and set up by competitors under request of clients; - Individually developed and designed technologically new types of fire-resistant gates that have never been applied in Russia (currently the work is in progress). 02/2012 – Present Remote Mechanical Engineer “AFC Industries, inc.” | NY, USA | http://www.afcindustries.com - Designed furniture and technology related products for workplace (mobile racks and carts, ergotiers); - Successfully conducted optimization of developing process for engineering department; - Prepared briefs for customers; - Prepared manuals and instructions.
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tkeith CA in Gatineau
Member Since: 2013-12-27
I’m a mechanical engineer who specializes in mechatronics, with extensive experience helping companies achieve their engineering design goals. I am familiar with a variety of CAD systems, including SolidWorks, Inventor, Pro/E, and SpaceClaim, but my real value is my ability to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing by leveraging my welding and machining background. I am also an accomplished programmer, with skills in programming in a wide variety of languages for both desktop and web applications. I am available to write custom software to manage databases and automate tasking. I am actively pursuing any remote work opportunities, and strive for the highest levels of client satisfaction.
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Matt R
Matt R US in Westminster
Member Since: 2015-08-02
16 years in mechanical design. 7 years in light sport aircraft design.
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