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Wearable products are usually small smart electronic devices which can be worn on the body as accessories or implants. As fashion, design, and user experience are vital to the success of these products, hiring a professional with years of expertise in wearable product design can help you achieve the perfect balance between practical functionality and design. Wearable product designers can help you either during your project planning to create initial designs or can help you redesign your project to add more practicality or enhance the user friendliness of your project. Our designers will help you achieve the quality product of your dreams, let them know your expectations and watch them deliver!

Even though this fascinating field has not been around for decades, there are already highly skilled and acknowledged professionals, who are enthusiasts of technology, while they also have a great eye and taste for design. Before hiring your new wearable product designer, keep in mind that your future designer needs to combine expertise in technical knowledge with outstanding, artistic design skills. As our members are vetted, top professionals, you can rest assured that you will find your next designer, who can deliver professional quality with respect to both vital aspects.

By hiring a wearable product designer via Cad Crowd, you will not only possibly gain a new invaluable team member for your next project, but also a passionate, enthusiastic freelancer who aims to exceed your expectations. The members of our community are well-trained and highly skilled product designers, who can help you gain that final touch of outstanding design, to achieve a unique, quality final product that excites your customers.

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Ridwan Septyawan
Ridwan Septyawan ID in Surabaya
Member Since: 2013-04-24
Freelance Designer - 3D Modeling, - 3D Visualitation, - Concept Design, - Product Design, - Industrial Design, - Mechanical Design, - Rendering, - Strength Analysis, - Technical Product Documentation - Mookup and Prototyping (3D Printing or Machining), - Machining and Manufacture, - Inhouse SolidWorks Training. - etc Contact me : Phone : +6281 234 127 993 (Indonesia) Email : Follow me : Twitter : @1futuresolution IG : @1futuresolution FB : One Future Solution Youtube : One Future Solution
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Artur Leete
Artur Leete EE in Tallinn
Member Since: 2016-11-21
I graduated from the estonian academy of arts in 2016. I have a bachelor's degree in product design. I have done different kinds of freelance design projects through the years and taken part in workshops in different fields. I have worked together with different companies and helped them to develop their products. I have a good sense of modern design language and understanding of end users needs and desires.
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Trevor Brinkman
Trevor Brinkman GB in Bristol
Member Since: 2017-02-15
Industrial Product Designer with experience working in international consultancies and in-house product development team. Proven track record in client facing roles, PR and Communications of design concepts to media and retailers.
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Chris Faber
Chris Faber US in Broussard
Member Since: 2016-11-22
Hello and thank you for your interest in choosing me to be a part of your team! If you're reading this, you are probably interested in getting to learn a little more about my skill set as well as the person you are going to be working with. To give you a quick run through, I am a product Design graduate from the University of Louisiana. During my time there, I I was part of a transit development team in the Product Design department that worked and created a new system of travel for the university. This experience led me to become a Marine Designer. I worked with a team of engineers and other designers to design and create new marine vessels. My job responsibilities entailed 3D modeling vessels for manufacturing, creating 2D construction drawings from my 3D models for the ship yards, creating renderings from my models for shipyards, image editing and creating images for company marketing. My greatest accomplishment at this job was being a part of a team that created the worlds fastest aluminum boat over 200 feet. From Marine Design, I took an opportunity as a Jewelry Designer. This is my current day job. I am challenged everyday in creating and designing 3D models that require the utmost expertise to achieve the designs complex, free-form shapes. I absolutely love what I do, and have a passion for 3D modeling and design. This year alone, I have done over 500 unique 3D models! I would love the opportunity to join your team, and help make your dream a reality! Please feel free to contact me for more information or discussion of why I believe I will be a great fit for your team.
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Mach 9 Design
Mach 9 Design US in Encinitas
Member Since: 2016-03-01
I've been a freelance industrial designer/project manager/industrial engineer for 10+ years. I have always held a salary position while doing freelance. I enjoy the freelance because it breaks up the monotony of my salary position. I've designed and developed for the consumer electronics industry, footwear, medical, wearable tech, sports and some transportation design. I'm passionate, devoted and punctual. I listen and pay attention. Most importantly, I want to help in anyway I can.
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Ishtiaque Ahmed Khan
Member Since: 2017-02-28
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