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Ridwan Septyawan
Member Since: 2013-04-24
Freelance Designer - 3D Modeling, - 3D Visualitation, - Concept Design, - Product Design, - Industrial Design, - Mechanical Design, - Rendering, - Strength Analysis, - Technical Product Documentation - Mookup and Prototyping (3D Printing or Machining), - Machining and Manufacture, - Inhouse SolidWorks Training. - etc Contact me : Phone : +6281 234 127 993 (Indonesia) Email : Follow me : Twitter : @1futuresolution IG : @1futuresolution FB : One Future Solution Youtube : One Future Solution
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Member Since: 2016-06-24
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Animation 3D Animation | Logo Animation | 3D Rendering | Graphic Design | Video Production, Composition & Editing. I have over 10 years experience professionally working as a Freelancer in 3D Animation , Motion Graphics and Video Editing fields. Please review my portfolio to evaluate quality of my work. Please also have a look at "My Clients" to see what my clients have to say about me. My priority is always client satisfaction - I believe that can only be achieved by on time quality work + fluent & honest communication. Quality | Creativity | Dependability Quality: I spend hours to make sure everything is polished and done correctly. I'm proud of my portfolio so I maintain my standards even on smallest projects. Creativity: I always look for new solutions. There is always room for improvement and finding ways to do things better and more efficiently - I strive to find or develop those solutions. I'm a problem solver. I find solutions and fix problems even if it's not part of my job but it affects outcome of the project. I suggest ideas and new approaches when my clients need my help. Dependability: I believe in transparency and making sure my clients have peace of mind throughout the project. I explain the process and keep clients constantly updated on important matters ( Timing , costs , technical Problems, etc. ). In short, I'm easy to work with. I have several wonderful repeat clients that I work with for several years. This has been possible by providing quality time to my clients to ensure their concerns are addressed and requirements are met. If you have any questions or need my help with your project, please don't hesitate to contact me. Best regards, Ashkan
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Member Since: 2014-02-12
Everything Or Nothing Fabrication: We are a company that specializes in T.V. And Hollywood Movie Props. We also create replica props for home collectors. I do 3d modeling, circuit design, pcb manufacturing, graphic design, Video Editing, machining , fabrications, mold making, ect. We do EVERYTHING when it comes to props. We are on here offering services of all kinds from 3d modeling to printing.
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Josh DeSherlia
Member Since: 2015-05-28
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Member Since: 2015-09-15
My specialty is 3D graphics and visual effects. Since 2009 I work active in this area - mainly architecture visualization and walk-through. From 2012 to present I worked on multiple projects including industrial animation, interior design presentation and visual effects. I keep up to date with the latest trends and have a highly developed artistic sense. From simple modeling to final animation or still pictures I can be the right choice.
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