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Collwright Engineering Services
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With fresh processes and methodology Collwright provides design support to the engineering industries, improving the engineering capacity of teams, suppliers and design offices in both the UK and USA. With backgrounds in motorsports and high performance transmissions we can ensure you design is done to the highest detail and standard. Offices in both Indianapolis (USA) and Nottingham (UK)
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Experienced freelance Engineer, with a background in the motorsport industry, working to provide excellent quality of service when you need it. From publications to engineering problems there is the capacity to complete your project to a high quality in a timely manor. Services Include: - Mechanical Engineering - 3D CAD, Solidworks, technical drafting, product design - Data Processing - Microsoft Office - And More! All work done in-house with customer information security kept in mind. Happy to provide sample work before being awarded a project. Please note all 3D work will be done in Solidworks and can be provided in any file format required.
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