Expert Thermoforming Freelancers for Hire

Cad Crowd has the top talent when it comes to thermoforming experts. We have freelance thermoforming experts who will walk you through the initial stages of designing up to implementation. On a continual basis, we pre-qualify and vet the thermoforming freelancers to ensure they are abreast of the advancement in thermoforming technology. 

Thermoforming involves a plastic sheet passing through an oven and heated to a pliable temperature, then pressed into a particular shape by use of a mold. The mold then goes into an inline trimmer to form a usable product. Essentially, thermoforming is a simplified version of vacuum forming. It is an appropriate technique either for the formation of prototypes or for mass applications where massive production machines can produce the thousands of parts in a short period. Our thermoforming freelancers work with you to provide the thermoforming services you require to stick to your product budget and launch deadlines.

Thermoforming is ideal for a diverse range of plastic applications. Freelance thermoforming experts suggest that there are two categories of thermoforming. Thick-gauge thermoforming is for a broad variety of parts including dash panels, refrigerator liners, plastic pallets, etc. Thin-gauge thermoforming, on the other hand, is for the production of containers, cups, lids,  and other utensils applicable in the medical and food industries. A talented thermoforming freelancer will provide you with a detailed analysis of your thermoforming requirements and formulate a custom design solution to warrant that your product is better than your competition.

Presently, thermoforming has reaped enormous benefits from the applications of engineering technology. Despite this fact, the forming process has remained the same. Modern thermoforming machines incorporate computer controls and microprocessors to allow for increased output. They also aid in saving process timing and oven heater settings between jobs. Electronic servomotors have improved the ability to place formed sheets into an inline trim station. Our capable thermoforming freelancers will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your product’s needs to guarantee it attains the necessary support to stay ahead of the competition.

Our freelance thermoforming experts will persistently work with you from the initial product analysis up to the delivery and launch of your product in the market. Thermoforming services our thermoforming freelancers have experience include thin-gauge thermoforming as well as thick-gauge or heavy thermoforming. Ensure that you surf through the list of thermoforming freelances on the Cad Crowd website and work with the best freelance thermoforming experts in the world.


dnettenstrom US in Sparks
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Mechanical Design Engineer and Certified SolidWorks Expert. 8+ years SolidWorks Experience. BS Mechanical Engineering with professional experience in OEM and Reverse Engineering prototype and design.
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James Licari
James Licari US in Phoenix
Member Since: 2014-10-31
Comprehensive mechanical and materials knowledge from real-world applications developing and troubleshooting race tuned, naturally aspirated, and forced induction gasoline and diesel engines, suspensions, and fuel systems, as well as a practiced fabricator using woods, metals, fiberglass, carbon fiber, resins, epoxies, and other composites. Oversee implementation from initial project planning, scoping, and requirements through flawless deployment. Possess keen ability to identify innovative strategies to achieve ambitious objectives and the highest expectations; continually develop cutting-edge tools and methodologies to provide maximum business value.
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Vipul IN in
Member Since: 2012-12-05
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Josh Nudelman
Josh Nudelman US in Hayward
Member Since: 2016-02-06
When working with someone for the 1st time, it is very important to me to understand the full the scope of the project. Only from that point, can we agree on what needs to be done & execute the tasks to expectation. I would rather encounter problems sooner than later. Spending time and money on projects that are fundamentally flawed is worse than doing nothing. I've worked with customers from medical, transportation, automotive, and oil & gas industries on new product introduction projects in conjunction with fabrication shops and other subcontractors. I've also designed & built machines & molds for high volume production.
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