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Steel design & detailing is the process of creating designs for steel buildings and structures then producing detailed drawings of these designs. It’s used in construction, architecture, and engineering to produce residential, commercial, and industrial buildings as well as other kinds of structures.

Steel design involves not just deciding how a building or structure would look but also designing it in a way that it could withstand gravity, strong winds, earthquakes, heavy foot traffic, and other factors. Through steel design, structural engineers can create sturdy buildings that won’t easily topple down and can last for a long time.

Once a design has been made, it goes through steel detailing, in which detailed and informative drawings are created. There are two sets of drawings that should be produced; the first set are shop drawings, which give instructions to steel fabricators and tell them how each steel piece should be fabricated. Shop drawings contain a wide range of information, including the sizes and dimensions of the pieces, their material specifications, and the welding and bolting they need to have.

The second set of steel detailing drawings are called erection drawings, and they are produced to guide steel erectors on how they should build the fabricated steel on the construction site. These drawings contain instructions on where the pieces should be located as well as how they should be welded, bolted, or anchored to each other and to other materials.

Steel design and detailing require a substantial amount of time and energy due to the highly detailed drawings involved. Because of this, many engineers and architects opt to outsource this process to steel design & detailing freelancers. By doing this, they can obtain high-quality designs and drawings while freeing up their schedule and having more time for other tasks and projects. 

If you decide to outsource your project, you won’t go wrong with hiring freelancers from Cad Crowd. Our designers have experience in providing high-quality steel design & detailing services to clients and have worked both on small and big projects. So, no matter what you require, you have the assurance that our freelancers can assist you.

There are several ways to get the help of Cad Crowd designers. You can start by exploring our freelancers’ profiles, choosing those whom you think have the right skills and expertise, and contacting them through their profiles.

On the other hand, we can connect you to the best possible freelance steel design & detailing contractor for your project. Just send us the details of your project, and we’ll select a pre-qualified and top-ranking designer to work on it. Our in-house quality control team will go through the designs before submitting them to you to ensure that everything you receive complies with our high standards and exceeds your expectations.


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