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Welcome to Cad Crowd, your ultimate online marketplace for the planet’s top talent for steel cladding. It is our main goal to connect every client with freelance steel cladding expert that is capable of providing top-notch design services for your new project. We have designers that are tested, pre-qualified, and very knowledgeable. We are quite sure that they will not only meet your expectations, but they will also exceed them. Stay away from any hassles or troubles when hiring online and establish a connection with leading professional steel cladding freelancers from Cad Crowd.

Cladding is the process of bonding together dissimilar metals (steel being one of them). It’s worth mentioning that this is a different process compared to gluing or fusion welding as a technique to fasten and strengthen the metals together. Steel cladding is usually achieved by the extrusion of two metals through a die. Experts also use rolling or pressing sheets together under very high pressure to achieve similar results. The US Mint relies on cladding to create coins which are made from different metals. Thanks to cladding they can add some inexpensive metals as filler.

Steel cladding can be conducted in a few different ways. First of all, in some cases, experts use roll bonding. In this process, two or a few layers made of different metals are cleaned well and passed through a special pair of rollers that create pressure as a way to bond these layers. When metals are not very ductile, the process may require heat. This method of steel cladding is used in different areas. For instance, it is used in the production of heat exchangers found in common refrigeration equipment. 

On the other hand, explosive welding gets pressure to bond steel with other metals by the detonation of a sheet made of strong chemical explosive. The bond is not affected by the heat. The powerful, controlled explosion usually eliminates oxides and impurities that can get stuck between these sheets. Finally, the latest method used in this process is laser steel cladding. As the name suggests the process involves the use of a laser which is applied whenever there are worn out parts that should be repaired, for fabrication of metal matrix composites and for other purposes.

The designers found on Cad Crowd will be more than happy to work with any client throughout the process of steel cladding design. They’ll be active from the beginning when they will analyze the product to the end when you will get the final files. Their design services are covering all the activities related to steel cladding design and engineering

The Cad Crowd community consists of more thousands of top-notch CAD design experts from across the globe. Cad Crowd always connects the clients with outstanding freelancers. We offer their steel cladding services at a great price. You can also send us additional information about your new project and our team will suggest the best freelancer after evaluating your needs and requirements. 

viz_rado BG in Sofia
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I am a diplm. civil engineer I have work about in 4-5 years in interior and exterior design And 2-3 years static calculation and steel detailing
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ec-dd IL in
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Elise Chwan [elees – shwahn] grew up in the state of New York, USA. She went to college at SUNY University at Buffalo in western New York for a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and minor in Studio Art. Half way through college, she started working for an architect over her summer breaks in her hometown. Elise continued working for the architecture firm for 6 months after her graduation from the university. She received an opportunity to work for a unitized curtain wall construction facility close to Buffalo, and worked there for 2 years and 3 months with multiple responsibilities, including assistant project management, drafting, and CNC programming. Elise then received another opportunity to draft alongside engineers and drafters for a steel company. She worked there for a year, and then was accepted to make aliyah. She now lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, and started Elise Chwan Design + Drafting to offer her wide range of knowledge and design skills to local and long distance companies.
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siliconecnz NZ in Auckland
Member Since: 2017-02-27
Siliconec NZ Consultants offering Services Architectural, Structural, Civil, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Piping, Scan to BIM, Steel Detailing, Shop Drawing, Cost Estimation and Tendering Construction Engineering Planning Project Monitoring and Controlling.
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LeslieR GB in
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deon diedericks
deon diedericks ZA in George
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Steel detailing
Member Since: 2015-06-13
He has a experiences in various field like Civil, steel structure and architecture services. During my employee i was done various types job like Residential, Commercial Buildings, Metro railway, Airport, Stadium, PEB and Industries steel structure. He is doing Local as well as international job from Australia, US, UK and Hong Kong.
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Reena IN in Chennai
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