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Static analysis refers to the process of studying the immediate effect of a certain factor on an object. The keyword here is “immediate”; static analysis focuses only on the changes that happen right away when the factor is applied to the object. It doesn’t touch upon the long-term response of the object, which is covered by dynamic analysis.

Static analysis is applied regularly in manufacturing or engineering. In these industries, the process becomes a part of stress analysis which, as a whole, identifies the stress points in a certain design and calculates how much load and/or force it can withstand before it breaks down. Stress analysis is important because it allows engineers to design components and assemblies that have excellent performance and won’t break down easily.

Stress analysis can be divided into two categories. The first part is static analysis, which studies the main input force that would touch upon the object. If you’re designing a bike pedal, for example, static analysis will help you analyze how the force that your foot exerts will affect the pedal. The second part is modal analysis, which studies the effects of vibration and other dynamic forces on the object.

Static analysis can be performed using CAD software like Autodesk Inventor. This process will help you determine what types of forces and exactly how much force your component or assembly can handle before it breaks apart. You can then use this knowledge to improve your design and create a product that can withstand the rigors that it would go through.

Static analysis is easy to do as long as you are familiar with the software involved. But what if you’re not? Or, even if you know how to use the programs, what if you’re busy with other tasks and projects? In this case, the best thing you can do is to hire static analysis freelancers from Cad Crowd. By taking this step, you’ll have someone who will thoroughly analyze your design and determine whether it’s ready to be manufactured or not, while leaving you with more time to grow your business.

Here at Cad Crowd, our freelance static analysis experts are well-versed with many types of CAD software, so you can choose which type of tool you want to be used on your design. Our freelancers also have extensive knowledge and years of experience on static analysis, and they can assist you whether you have a small one-off task or need ongoing help for a big project.

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Ankit Bharangar
Member Since: 2014-12-29
Concept design Engineer at Knowledge Podium Systems. Have manufacturing Experience also, so I can figure out manufacturable yet elegant designs.
145 points
Bhargava Marripati
Member Since: 2017-01-11
MSME Engineer, good in modelling, 3D-Design.
53 points
eng P.Tonev
Member Since: 2015-10-14
41 points
Junaid Aziz
Member Since: 2015-06-04
Hello! I'm a mechanical engineer with more than 6 years of 3D modelling, Design, Simulation and analysis. If you have any such task, shoot me a message; I'm always up for a new challenge.
38 points
Ruby W
Member Since: 2016-02-24
I have had 5 years Solidworks experience and specially expert in 3D modelling and 2D drawing for assembly. Space planning is also one of my expertise.
30 points
Member Since: 2015-07-17
Ph.D., structural engineer
22 points
Deva IN in Delhi
Member Since: 2016-10-11
I am proficient in CAD modeling using Solidworks, autocad, creo, catia,nx and rendering can also be made. I have experience in designing the material handelling equipments. Expertise in creo , solid work and simulations in solidworks .
16 points
Member Since: 2015-03-22
15 points
Darshan C
Member Since: 2016-06-09
I'm a professional and expert in 3D Modelling in SOLIDWORK, AUTOCAD, Siemens NX, CAD/CAM and Analysis in ANSYS. We can design your product using above softwares. Visit my website jagruthtech.in for more info. I own a Design and analysis industry in Mysore,India. we recieve 100's project from industry and do academic services also. I have employees who are expert in SOLIDWORK, AUTOCAD, Siemens NX, CAD/CAM. Even we are looking for long term cooperation thats why im bidding at less price. We Just need dimensions to start. Check out my portfolio for my recent projects on SOLIDWORK, AUTOCAD, Siemens NX, ANSYS. I have 5 years experience in 3D Modelling in SOLIDWORK, Siemens NX, AUTOCAD, CAD/CAM and ANSYS. I have expert in 3D Modelling using SOLIDWORK, Siemens NX, AUTOCAD and ANSYS on different domains like 1. Aircraft domain. 2. Automobile domain. 3. Turbo machinery. 4. Compressor and Pump. 5. On Renewable Energy, visit my portfolio to see my recent projects
12 points
ZEST Technology
Member Since: 2015-10-27
Greetings.. from Zest Engineering Services and Technology. About Us Zest Engineering Services and Technology is an SBU of Zest Technology, which is one of the leading excellence center for engineering services having worldwide presence for last 6 Yrs. Our Journey Began with an Idea of innovation with a tool of engineering expertise. Our Directors who initiated the concept have worked in many countries and in different techno-commercial environment. Considering the fact that future scope of engineering services and technology continues up-gradation, challenging products and cost effectiveness will be the driving force for product based company’s to look forward for better and better products in Future. Our Moto is providing 3E Solution i.e. Experience, Expertise and Effectiveness, Intend is past project experience, Technical manpower expertise and Cost and time effectiveness of the projects. We believe in moving together, we have associated Zest Technology to various multinational corporations which help us in technical support and also give us opportunity to work on different domain projects onsite and offshore. Thus this helped us make our presence worldwide and expert in different domain of product solution. We have Three centers in Pune catering different domains of business solution to our customers, Internationally we have regional representative office in Singapore and USA. Which helps our international clients to have better communication with us. Every Customer looks for one point Solution i.e. from scratch to finish Product hence not only we do product design but also we do development of products. As Pune is considered to be an engineering hub we have developed our expert Vendor sources for manufacturing support and a team for manufacturing expertise for the products. With Us Quality in services depends on two major factors first Project should be completed in Time, And the second is to meet customers requirement to clients satisfaction. With growing Customers worldwide we maintain complete decorum of confidentiality and trust, That’s why our customers have appreciated our effort and Made it possible to enable Zest Technology as a trusted brand in international Market.
10 points