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When people create a new product, they usually start with jotting down notes and making sketches of how the object would look. Once they have a basic idea, they move on into making a design that shows how the product would appear and function in real life. But it doesn’t stop there: if they want to be 100 percent sure that the product would indeed be successful, they need to use simulation services. 

Simulation is the process of using CAD software to test your product and see how it would react to forces that are present in the real world, such as gravity, vibrations, and heat transfer. Through this specialized software, you can see if your product would function as you designed it to be or if it would break down easily when used in everyday situations. You can then make any necessary adjustments to its design and ensure it’s 100 percent perfect before you even proceed into the manufacturing stage.

Simulation is an important part of the entire manufacturing process. Without it, companies would be wasting thousands and even millions of dollars, producing untested items that prove themselves to be faulty or easily damaged. And it’s not just about money: poorly designed products can also expose businesses to disgruntled customers, negative press, and even legal challenges.

With these in mind, it’s easy to see why simulation should be one of your priorities when you’re creating a new product. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it on your own since you can hire simulation freelancers from Cad Crowd. Our designers are experts in many types of simulation software (including Abaqus, Hyperworks, Siemens NX 8 CAE, andSolidworks) and can use your preferred program in testing your product. By getting their help, you can digitally put your product through the paces and see if it’s ready to be manufactured — or if you need to go back to the drawing board to improve its design.

You can always hire a traditional firm who offers simulation services but, if you’re in a tight budget or just want to save money, we recommend hiring freelancers. Doing so can help you save up to one-third of what traditional firms charge, and you don’t even have to compromise quality to enjoy these savings. Cad Crowd connects you with only the best freelancers. When you submit your project, we connect you with top-ranking freelancers who have been pre-qualified and selected by us to ensure they have excellent skills for your project.

If you have a freelance simulation project at hand, we encourage you to explore the profiles of our designers and invite those who fit your requirements to work on your project. Alternatively, you can let us choose a freelancer for you. Simply send us the details of your task and we’ll connect you with a vetted simulation expert who will bring your project to completion on time and within your budget.

Member Since: 2016-09-12
Currently an engineer in electromechanics , i am very interested in modelling using CAD software like SolidWorks and AutoCAD.
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mds Design
Member Since: 2016-06-15
My name is Michael Dimou , I am Greek and I live in Greece I am a mechanical engineer & designer from Piraeus University of applied science.. Certificate Autodesk : Autocad 2D/3D , Inventor advanced . I have experience to design machines industrial for bottling and packaging , conveyors with belt , furniture . My Graduate thesis to Piraeus University of applied science : "Design of part of the fuselage of a transports cargo aircraft A400M."
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Member Since: 2016-10-11
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I am Mechanical Engineering Technology graduate. I have almost six years of experienced in field of design. Proficient in creating accurate 3D model using Solidworks both parts and assembly. Familiar in plastic product design, injection molding processes, sheet metal, surfacing, steel detailing and design study(Simulation). Can understand and make full 2D drawing/Fabrication Drawing. Service Offered: Solidworks 3d Modeling Parts and Assembly, Full 2d Drawing (Manufacture/Fabrication Drawing), Sheet Metal Development, Surface model to One Solid Body Rendering, Simulation
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Mohamad Nasser
Member Since: 2016-02-02
Mechanical Engineer and CAD Designer... I am a Certified SolidWorks Associate... SolidWorks 3D Modeling and Rendering is my favorite job... Math and Physics Teacher for Secondary Schools and Ebooks Designer (including Math Books)... Also can use Microsoft Word and Excel to a very good extent... Besides that I've got many courses like Effective Leadership, Hiring Staff and Selling Online from (hp)... Also a good writer, in many fields: Science, Technology, Politics, Religious Studies, and even much more... In addition to that I'm very PC Software and Hardware Experienced I can guide you to solve problems concerning your PC and even guide you to build your own PC, and that's for individuals and companies...
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Ahmed Elbhje
Member Since: 2013-03-16
Click to edit summary I’m an adaptable and innovative qualified Mechanical Engineer with over 4 years experiences in CAD design by Solidworks and manufacturing using CNC machines As a person, I am fun, confident, energetic and passionate. As a worker, I am diligent, a go-getter, full of energy, willing to learn, very organized and adaptable. I can work under lots of pressure.
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Mechanical Design
Member Since: 2016-12-08
I am a mechanical design engineer currently working in a company apecializing in metalworking manufacturing industry. I am an expert solidworks and autoswak inventor user. Additionally I have some experience in using Catia. I am also proefficient in performing finite element method analysis for structural as well as thermo-mechanical steady-state and transient analysis. My professional day-to-day activitt involves working with the following manufacturing processes: sheemetal/weldment profile material laser cutting, bending, rolling, milling, turning, welding, assembly, outsourcing.
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Junaid Aziz
Member Since: 2015-06-04
Hello! I'm a mechanical engineer with more than 6 years of 3D modelling, Design, Simulation and analysis. If you have any such task, shoot me a message; I'm always up for a new challenge.
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Cameron Ross
Member Since: 2017-03-26
I have a passion for Solidworks, AutoCAD, and photoshop so I am eager to expand my knowledge set and skills utilizing this software to help anyone that needs general 3D and 2D design assistance. I currently have access to the following programs: -SolidWorks (2017) -AutoCAD (2017) -Photoshop (CS2) My core skill set is SolidWorks which extends 4 years and I have the ability to work using the tools below: -Photoview 360 (Rendering) -Surfaces -Sheet Metal -Weldments -Molds -Sketches -Animations (motion studies) -Complex Assemblies -Converting conceptual data to computer models -Product design & Development -3D Modeling and Rendering AutoCAD I am working extensively to obtain a higher skill set to progressively take on more complex and difficult Problems. General skill set is listed below for AutoCAD: -2D Archtecture -2D Park/landscape Layouts -Satellite image to AuoCAD -Layer Management -Custom Template/Drawings Photoshop skills are limited to essential photograph manipulation and digital art. Being entree level, I seek to work hard on your projects for very low cost to benefit you as well as well as use the opportunity for improvement in the Engineering / Manufacturing field. I am excited and will love to assist on any of your projects as I would put the same level of attention into them as I would my own. Please view my personal website / portfolio to view examples of my past work to give you a better understanding of my qualification. I look forward to working with you. Thank you, Cameron Ross
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