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Welcome to Cad Crowd, your one-stop shop for the greatest experts in the field of robotics. It is our honor to connect every client with freelance robotics experts that are capable of creating the best robotics design for your new project. We have designers that are tested, carefully chosen, pre-trained, pre-qualified and certified. Stay away from any problems while you are trying to hire experts online and get in touch with the best professional robotics freelancers from Cad Crowd.

Robotics is an interdisciplinarity branch of science and engineering. Robotics includes electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and other fields of science and engineering that are focused on design, operation, construction and use of robots. In addition, it covers the computer systems that provide sensory feedback, control, and information processing. The basic goal is to create machines that can replace humans in the production process or that serve some other kind of valuable function for people. 

Designing robots is a serious task that requires the help of experienced designers specialized in this field with a significant degree of technical knowledge. They are well-aware of the fact that every client has different needs and they can adjust to their requirements and needs. In addition, they know that robots are used in many different industries which mean that they can create robots that are suitable for a particular industry. 

The process of robotics design has become much simpler with the emergence of computer-aided design (CAD) tools. This process is now less time consuming and less complex. Thanks to CAD software, designers can now create 3D models of robots that have all the important geometrical parameters. The best part is that clients can request changes and these 3D model changes won’t be difficult. Developing a robot includes the development of many different components including power sources, actuation, sensing, locomotion, manipulation, environmental interaction and human-robot interaction. The design of all of these components is facilitated by the use of modern software tools, from the design of PCBs to 3D printable parts. 

All the designers you see at Cad Crowd are prepared to start working closely with you. They’ll be here through the entire design process, from the starting stage to the end when the final files are delivered. We have already mentioned that this is a very complex process which includes different activities, but our designers are prepared for a challenge like this and they will help you with all the activities and deliver the best results.

At Cad Crowd we have created a professional community that includes the best design and engineering experts from every corner of the planet. Our mission is to connect clients with reputable freelancers that provide top-notch robotics services at more than reasonable prices. Provide more information about your project, and we'll provide you with a free estimate for the cost of your project. We'll connect you with a leading freelance engineer who can work with you on your robotics project.  Make sure that your project is finished quickly and properly – use the help of designers from Cad Crowd.


MechRobust IN in Jodhpur
Member Since: 2016-08-25
Business name: MechRobust Company name: VBMI INDIA OPC PVT. LTD. MechRobust is a small company that provides professional engineering and product design services for those who have the ambition to turn their ideas into reality. You give solutions, answers and show a clear path to our clients because we also want to see their products in the market. Mission MechRobust’s mission is to serve clients across the world with structural engineering services and design for all types of products, from concept planning through to completion, with a highly skilled and experienced professional team. Why us: 1. We provide professional and quality services on time and on the budget. 2. We develop a follow-up strategy to gauge performance with all clients. 3. We implement and maintain a quality control and assurance policy. Company Future We aim to establish our brand over the world. We plan to expand into 3D printing services, games, and animation design.
45 points
Muhammad Salman Mughal
Muhammad Salman Mughal PK in Faisalabad
Member Since: 2016-10-16
I am Mechatronics Engineer, experienced in 3D Modelling using Solidworks, Creo Parametric, Product Design & Development, Manufacturing. Electronics Circuit and PCB Designing, Mathematics, Mechanical Designing and Exam Solutions.
25 points
Venice Hilario
Venice Hilario TH in Bangkok
Member Since: 2014-04-28
i Design MAchine ,Factory Automation,Automotive and Semicon Industries
21 points
Ammar in
Member Since: 2016-08-15
I am an Engineer and have a formal education in design, and programing.I am raising my skills by online courses. I designed a 6 legged robot powered by a hydraulic system as a graduation project in my university. I can do modeling and simulation for physical systems using MATLAB simscape. Also good at mathematics and problem solving. I can get the job done quickly and want to be the best provider to my clients I am available via Skype, and email also and I receive notifications on my cell phone so I could answer quickly.
20 points
isira LK in Colombo
Member Since: 2017-03-04
I am a Mechanical Engineer who is capable with CAD designing. I have sound knowledge about Machine Designing and the Manufacturing Engineering with the theoretical and the practical experienced I gained.
15 points
Member Since: 2017-01-23
Aerospace trained apprentice with 20 years engineering experience. Currently design and maintain automated cells in the manufacturing industry.
10 points
Robotics automation
Robotics automation IN in New Delhi
Member Since: 2017-01-17
We Deal in 1. Design of rotary table with and without servo with accuracy. 2. Design of Chemical transfer system. 3. Automation projects design and concept. 4. Concept designing. 5. New machine developments 6. CNC service and retrofitting. 7. CNC machining experts
10 points
Athul Dev C.R
Athul Dev C.R IN in Chennai
Member Since: 2016-05-04
6 points
Vitor Milani
Member Since: 2014-12-10
5 points
chengappa IN in Bangalore
Member Since: 2016-04-12
With a Masters in Industrial Automation and Robotics, and Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering,I bring with me unique expertise and a passion to excel.I am also self motivated,quick learner ,disciplined and extremely focused-skills which come to me as an accomplished sportsperson.
5 points