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Sushant Pathak
Member Since: 2013-03-09
Over 4.5 years of experience in design and development of Mechanical Jigs and Fixtures for automotive OEM. Process design, layout planning, optimization, special storage solution, low cost automation are few strong areas of mine. Project management, First time right and on time delivery are key points of my work output.
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Shawn M
Member Since: 2015-08-25
Mechanical/Industrial Engineer with 17+ years of experience, including but not limited to, CAD development, product design, project management, system integration, equipment design and manufacture, medical device design, FEA, and prototyping.
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Member Since: 2016-07-02
Jeff Peterson has 20 yeas 3D CAD experience and he started his career working in a small machine shops and factories. He graduated up through the trades. Got his degree in Vocational Education in Machine Trades after a short career teaching High School he took a position in industry as a inspector in the quality control department of an automotive seat belt company. He was promoted into engineering where he was assigned to the drafting and modeling department. From there he was promoted into a new R&D department. He came up with many new ideas and 5 were patented. And being the designer he was responsible for the product including purchasing, incoming inspection, manufacturing, testing, quality control, shipping and finally field return analysis. He furthered his career by taking a position position with an automotive supplier as a designer of plastic parts, rubber hoses, ridged steel tubes, stamped metal, plastic injection molds for Ford, Chrysler, GM, Honda, Nissan, John Deere, Caterpillar, and Navistar. Jeff is a great fit for any mechanical design, tool design, project management, new product development or process analysis because of his extensive experience in design, manufacturing, product development, machine trades, quality control, 3D modeling, drafting, print reading, design and creative imagination. Feb 2015 completed CATIA modler, Enovia and Kola training. Jeff also had an antique repair/refinish/woodworking side business so he is familiar with furniture manufacturing Manufacturing engineering, machining, 3D CAD design, Plastic part design, mold design, tool design, fixture design, gauge design, 2D drafting, medical equipment design and repair, GD&T, SPC, woodworking, automotive interior design, safety systems (seat restraints) design. Test machine design, Test design, Work instructions, time studies, operator training, quality control. Five patents for restraint component design. Worked with Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, John Deere, Caterpillar, Navistar, Volvo, Seat belts, child seats, mold design, machining, tube design, hose design, glass, design, seal design, machine design, furniture design, machining . fixture design, time studies MS office, SDRC i-deas, AutoCAD Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop, Pro-E, Siemens NX, KOLA, CATIA, Enovia, Time studies, Operator Instructions, Operator Training and Quality Control, FMEA, Kaizen, 5 why, plant layout, material handling, lean manufacturing, cell layout
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D. Coccioli
Member Since: 2014-09-22
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Joey Rember
Member Since: 2014-12-03
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Member Since: 2016-02-21
NC Programmer/Tool Designer/Planner/Modeller Do you have a part that you just do not have time to plan, tool and NC program? I can provide a one-stop solution to this need. I am a seasoned 20 year Manufacturing Engineer with extensive experience in planning, cutter design/selection, NC Programming and CAD Modelling. Expert programmer in 3, 4 and 5 axis high speed machining and turning of Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, Steel and other materials. Proficent in CATIA V5, V4, Vericut, Excel, Word and other Microsoft Softwares.
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Member Since: 2016-05-29
I am a technical planner with a manufacturing background. I maintain accuracy and precision across models and prints. Coming from a manufacturing and production background I know the importance of a flawless design. My goals are low lead times with smooth processes and production of quality parts.
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Member Since: 2017-01-09
I am a Mechanical Engineer with experience in designing mechanical systems and also, designing for automation.
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David Barriuso
Member Since: 2017-02-12
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