Plastics Tooling Design Designers

No matter what sort of plastics tooling designs you need to complete your project, Cad Crowd has you covered. Cad Crowd connects clients like you with the best and most highly-rated plastics tooling design freelancers. Working with us means that your exact specifications will be effortlessly met, taking out the concern that often comes with hiring freelancers online.

A machine tool is a tool that cuts, grinds, shears or bores into rigid materials in order to shape or deform them into materials. When you need to mold plastics, having the right plastics tooling design at your hands is imperative. Before you can begin mass producing your product, you need to produce the tools for the process. Take advantage of the freelance plastics tooling design services here at Cad Crowd to ensure that you are always equipped with the best tool for the job. Your tools will come out excellently crafted before the deadline and without going over budget.

With the right machine tool, you can make efficient work out of molding and crafting plastics into their necessary shape. Learning how to create the right tools for unique jobs is a skill that must be learned. Let one of our experienced professional plastics tooling design freelancers handle the work for you. We will provide an in-depth analysis of your project and create a custom design plan from there that will allow the tools we create to function perfectly in the way that you need them to, to make your production more efficient.

Plastics tooling design can be implemented in a number of ways, ranging from screw machines, hobbing machines, sheers, shapers, saws, drill presses, broaching machines, gear shapers, milling machines and so much more. With the right machine tool for the job, you won't have to worry about your plastic products coming out wrong. Our talented staff of freelancers will provide the best plastics tooling design services possible, making your job easier. Our freelancers can work on their own from concept to execution in order to free up more of your team's time, or they can work with the team themselves for a collaborative effort that will ensure the right outcome every time.

By working with Cad Crowd, you are gaining access to thousands of talented designers who have been put to the test. The plastics tooling design services offered are world-class, engaging talents from all across the globe. You can browse our expansive team of freelance plastics tooling design professionals and select one of these designers whose work impresses you the most. Conversely, you may also submit your unique project specifications to Cad Crowd for a free quote. Upon our analysis, we can set you up with the best freelancer available for the job to ensure promising results. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that you are working with only the best of the best when you use Cad Crowd.


ProDes Solutions
ProDes Solutions IN in Indore
Member Since: 2017-02-16
We are the team of just ordinary people, but with the extraordinary skills of designing & developing the purpose in an orthodox manner, challenging the world who still follows the thumb rule which are on the verge of extinction. We are also just the start up like many others, but we actually started years ago to be here this year in front of you all with the motive of delivering our cent percent knowledge and experience, which you are going to use in a much better way in coming future. We are the team of young enthusiast engineers, started our career as research and development consultant with multi-domain skills in CAD & CAE software and exposure to various industrial technology. Every Individual of the team has pledged to strive towards providing equitable and affordable design and development opportunities, to all who wish to increase their overall productivity in the challenging & competitive world. When it comes to engineering devices to deliver technical innovation to an end user, our early involvement, often before the science leaves the bench, ensures that production design as well as ergonomic factors are considered at the optimum stage in a development. This combination of disciplines ensures a fast and effective route to market and maximizes our clients’ return on investment.
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HDesign US in Missouri City
Member Since: 2017-01-13
I/we "make forms a functional part of life". With Ideation, I/we will formulate your ideas and concepts. I/we design, develop, consult, and/or market.
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Designer_jeff US in Greensboro
Member Since: 2016-07-02
Jeff Peterson has 20 yeas 3D CAD experience and he started his career working in a small machine shops and factories. He graduated up through the trades. Got his degree in Vocational Education in Machine Trades after a short career teaching High School he took a position in industry as a inspector in the quality control department of an automotive seat belt company. He was promoted into engineering where he was assigned to the drafting and modeling department. From there he was promoted into a new R&D department. He came up with many new ideas and 5 were patented. And being the designer he was responsible for the product including purchasing, incoming inspection, manufacturing, testing, quality control, shipping and finally field return analysis. He furthered his career by taking a position position with an automotive supplier as a designer of plastic parts, rubber hoses, ridged steel tubes, stamped metal, plastic injection molds for Ford, Chrysler, GM, Honda, Nissan, John Deere, Caterpillar, and Navistar. Jeff is a great fit for any mechanical design, tool design, project management, new product development or process analysis because of his extensive experience in design, manufacturing, product development, machine trades, quality control, 3D modeling, drafting, print reading, design and creative imagination. Feb 2015 completed CATIA modler, Enovia and Kola training. Jeff also had an antique repair/refinish/woodworking side business so he is familiar with furniture manufacturing Manufacturing engineering, machining, 3D CAD design, Plastic part design, mold design, tool design, fixture design, gauge design, 2D drafting, medical equipment design and repair, GD&T, SPC, woodworking, automotive interior design, safety systems (seat restraints) design. Test machine design, Test design, Work instructions, time studies, operator training, quality control. Five patents for restraint component design. Worked with Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, John Deere, Caterpillar, Navistar, Volvo, Seat belts, child seats, mold design, machining, tube design, hose design, glass, design, seal design, machine design, furniture design, machining . fixture design, time studies MS office, SDRC i-deas, AutoCAD Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop, Pro-E, Siemens NX, KOLA, CATIA, Enovia, Time studies, Operator Instructions, Operator Training and Quality Control, FMEA, Kaizen, 5 why, plant layout, material handling, lean manufacturing, cell layout
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kathiravan sankar
kathiravan sankar IN in Chennai
Member Since: 2017-06-13
I am a mechanical engineer currently working as a Design Engineer in the field of Plastic product and mold designing for injection molding. I am having design experience of 5 years and in this filed of plastics, i have experience of 2years. I have the software knowledge of Solidworks, Pro E, CATIA, AutoCAD, ANSYS and MasterCAM. I am currently using solidworks for designing.
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Member Since: 2015-03-26
I am a CAD Technician with 30 yrs experience in using Unigraphics, 2 yrs working with Solidworks and a dabble with Autodesk Inventor. I have worked in the plastics packaging, component manufacturing and mechanical engineering industries. Attributes: • 3D CAD modeling and assemblies • CAD drafting • CAD sheet metal design • Basic GD&T knowledge • Plastics product and tooling design - Injection moulding - Blow moulding - Vaccuum forming - Rotational moulding • Attention to detail • Easy to work with • Basic hands on workshop work • Knowledge of lathes, milling machines, drop-saws and drill presses • Leadership skills • Photography • Road cycling • Mountain biking
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Kalsar CA in Kitchener
Member Since: 2015-03-31
I am a dynamic problem solver who excels at leveraging strong technical and analytical skills to deliver results. Team-spirited, and a performance driven professional, possessing an extraordinary blend of leadership, as well as business and mechatronics knowledge.  I have a great ability to communicate and motivate team members to enhance strategic goals and meet bottom line objectives.  In addition, I have creative problem- solving and trouble-shooting skills, and as well, I complete designs with meticulous detail.  I am committed and embrace continual changes and challenges in the industry.
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Aaron Baldwin
Aaron Baldwin GB in Oxford
Member Since: 2015-04-23
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Member Since: 2015-05-01
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ASHOK NADAR IN in Bangalore
Member Since: 2015-09-11
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Alex Cea Navarro
Alex Cea Navarro ES in Barcelona
Member Since: 2015-12-16
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