Freelance Plastic Engineering Services

Nowadays, just about everything is created out of plastic. From computers to bath toys, we're surrounded by plastic products. The extremely diverse applications of plastic mean that different plastics must be designed with very different mechanical properties. But it’s not easy to design and produce plastic-based items. To do it right requires knowledge and experience in both materials engineering and the manufacturing process. Cad Crowd is here to connect you with exactly that kind of expertise. 

What is Plastic Engineering? Simply put, it's the process of creating plastic products. This involves working with material that comes in a semi-liquid state, and taking it to its final solid form. Knowing how to properly approach this task in accordance with the application at hand is what plastic engineering is all about.

Understanding the complex material properties of various kinds of plastics requires a great deal of training and experience. That’s why you need to hire freelance Plastic Engineering professionals that will offer you a reliable way to design and implement the plastic molding, forming, or printing process efficiently.

It’s safe to say that plastic engineering is a very demanding and time-consuming process. This is why you have to focus on experience when you hire Plastic Engineering services. An experienced professional will find it a lot easier to handle all those issues and tasks.

The Plastic Engineering freelancers can design a wide array of plastic products. In fact, the Plastic Engineering services come with different specialties. You can opt for epoxies, ultrasonic welding, plastic processing, elastomers, biodegradable plastic, recycled or recyclable plastic, automotive plastics, medical plastics or consumer plastics.

Each one of these categories requires a different durability and a distinct set of features that you want to harness as fast as possible. It will take a little bit of time to handle all of these tasks the right way, but the experience can always be second to none.

Cad Crowd makes it extremely easy for you to access quality freelance Plastic Engineering services right away. Cad Crowd connects clients directly with per-qualified, vetted professional engineers and freelancers. Send us your project description. We'll provide you with a free quote, and select the ideal candidate for you from our roster of top-tier freelance professionals based on the specific requirements of your project.

Amir Perle
Amir Perle IL in Haifa
Member Since: 2012-02-18
Mechanical and Plastic engineer. Solidworks expert more then 20 years of experiance  
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Pamelazaldumbide ES in Madrid
Member Since: 2014-04-24
I am a Materials Engineer, plastic specialized with a master in CAD/CAE/CAD design, working for 5 years long in the aeronautical field
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graphcomnsk IN in Nashik
Member Since: 2013-05-01
I am offering design assistance services in mechanical design for last 25 years. Please see my work on , . I work on site (if required and at extra cost) to give best result with minimum time. I have completed many designing assignment and 2d to 3d drawing conversion projects. I have good speed and also offer English Writing. I have developed mechanical calculation excel worksheet using VBA.
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3D Engineering
Member Since: 2016-01-27
Qualified Professional having 35+ years Experience in Mechanical Design using both 2D & 3D CAD. New here and intend to build good relationships with satisfied Clients. Primarily I have specialised in the design and development of lightweight structures utilising advanced composite and specialised metallic materials. However owing to considerable experience in numerous fields of engineering over the course of my career, I can assist Clients on most manufacturing related projects. The services I can offer include and are not limited to: o Project management o Project business model planning and financial forecasting o Design and development of advanced carbon fibre composite structures o Design and development of metallic components and machinery o Component prototyping or for mass production o 2D and 3D Cad expertise including advanced surface modelling o Finite Element Analysis for both advanced composite and metallic structures o 3D rendering for photo realistic imaging My Portfolio represents just a few examples of the projects I have conducted over the years.
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Sid IN in Mumbai
Member Since: 2015-12-27
I am a CAD Designer with more than 5 years of work experience. My design work consists of concept designing, product designing, rendering, reverse engineering, prototyping, mold designing and product manufacturing. I have partnered with molders and manufacturers to provide complete product manufacturing solutions.
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Alex O.
Alex O. RO in Brasov
Member Since: 2015-05-09
I have a rich experience in designing high quality plastic parts (including 3D prints), due to my 3 years of experience in designing luxury automotive interiors for exclusive clients like Porsche, Maserati, BMW, Land Rover and many more through a big German company. Besides this I also have experience in designing active parts for Ambient lighting for automotive interiors, including simulations. My skills in CATIA V5 and above is certified by official Dassault Systems training at an Expert level. More than anything, I deliver quality!
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sapoll_andrew YU in Bar
Member Since: 2012-11-23
Mechanical Design Engineer February 2011 – present “SMT” D.O.O., Bar, Montenegro • Organization of design units. • Product design projects for a companies from Europe, US, Canada, … Elaboration of the appearance, the design of parts and assemblies (design of plastic parts, the development of sheet metal parts ...), technological examination of projects, the tool design, the launch of mass production. (more than 70 projects for five years). • Technological design projects for a companies from Europe, US, Canada, … • Tool design (molds, dies, die casting molds). Senior Mechanical Engineer March 2010 – January 2011 “LG Electronics - RUS” ltd., Moscow, Russia • Organization repair of tool on the basis of a branch in Russia. Reduced the cost of repair tool is almost 3 times (from $ 2 million per month to $ 700 thousand per month). • Organization of a warehouse of spare parts for repair of molds and dies. Time repairs and maintenance have been reduced by 50%. • Participation in the R & D department. Technological challenges in developing new products. • Mold and tool design. Design of molds for new projects. Modernization of molds and dies. • The launch of new products in mass production (of 4 new products, more than 90 molds and dies tested and put into operation). • Work with suppliers of components (21 supplier in Russia and Korea). Carrying out repair and commissioning. Senior Mechanical Engineer July 2008 – March 2010 “Nordic Aluminium Russia” ltd., Moscow, Russia ( “Nordic Aluminium” (Finland)) • Participation in projects of the parent company. Development of architectural systems in high-rise construction. • Design windows - doors group of products • Organization of production of products in the territory of the branch. The cost of the products were reduce production by 25% - 30%. Which resulted to an increase in sales more than 2 times. Mechanical Design Engineer; Programmer of CNC equipment May 2004 – July 2008 “Door Han” ltd., Moscow, Russia • Development of new systems of automatic garage doors and shutters. Developed a new system of gate opening and spring charging. • Design details of polymers, aluminum and sheet metal. • Mold and tool design. Design of molds for new projects. Modernization of molds and dies. • Organization department molding and extrusion of polymeric materials. Will fully meet enterprise products from polymers. Cost of sales decreased by approximately 15% - 20%. • Organization of toolmakers department. The department provided a completely necessary tool for company (molds, dies, molds for casting aluminum extrusion dies, etc.). After the launch, toolmakers department on 90% ensured the factory an essential tool. • Development of technologies for the manufacture of parts for tool room. Writing programs for CNC equipment. • Launch area for the production of prototype products. Possible to reduce the number of errors in the final product and reduce the startup time in the series.
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Bill Davila
Member Since: 2013-05-30
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Stephen J. Cole
Stephen J. Cole US in White Plains
Member Since: 2014-01-01
Stephen J. Cole Results Driven Engineering Professional with a knack for bringing derailed projects back into focus and resurrecting dormant projects to produce profitable product through careful analysis and strategic implementation. Consistently successful in increasing profitability and quality through simplification where feasible, by utilizing the most current technology available and by improvising where traditional methods fall short of achieving the set goal. An uncompromising commitment to product quality and integrity while streamlining the design process through the utilization of solid modeling for design, FEA for performance prediction and rapid prototyping for design substantiation, resulting in high grade products and systems produced well within predetermined margins. Well versed in empirical testing of pre-production products and advanced testing of systems prior to system ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) to further ensure the final design meets and exceeds performance expectations.
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Matthew Mckimmy
Matthew Mckimmy US in Reno
Member Since: 2013-04-16
I provide project and product consulting for a wide range of products for manufacturers and individuals throughout the United States. I specialize in 3D solid modeling and 2D CAD design. I can help you determine if your concept is viable for production and guide you through the manufacturing process. MC3D LLC specializes in CAD design and development services. Skilled in 3D modeling and 2D document technical specifications for product manufacturing. Learn more about my CAD design services through my website (
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