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Member Since: 2013-09-13
Physics trained and proficient in solid works. 15 years+ laser engineer, sub assembly to final production, to customer on site support.
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Etienne Rouly
Member Since: 2014-01-19
In short, I'm well versed in all things 3D. I've been designing all sorts of machines, machine components, motorcycles, bicycles, furniture, appliances, and any random odds'n'ends people request for the last 10 years. I have extensive experience designing parts specifically to be 3D printed as rapid prototypes, incorporating the strengths and weaknesses of various methods of fused deposition modeling. For the past 3 years, I've also been working as part draftsman/part inventor, collaborating with a local machine shop that takes partially formed ideas from customers, polishes them up into workable technical models and drawings, and then fabricates them via CNC machining. I'm still hard at it but can never get enough CAD-ing, so I'm here to try out freelancing!
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Member Since: 2016-03-10
I am an electrical engineer with over 10+ years of experience. My prime field of work is electrical engineering, and my current job is in a company working electrical/electronic and power designs. I am skilled in working with DigSilent, Neplan and RETscreen for power designs and Altium, Cadsoft Eagle and OrCad for electronic designs. Besides my field of expertise as an electrical engineer, I am also skilled in the graphic as well as engineering design which helps me capable of effectively proceeding with any project related to my professional experience. I enjoy using my creative expertise and knowledge to provide my friends and clients with best solutions. Currently, I represent a team of experienced and talented engineers skilled in different engineering work, including Mechanical engineering, Ventilation engineer, CAD experts (Auto CAD, 3D Max, solid works, etc.), Electrical engineering, Architecture.We can handle any request with professional quality and in a timely manner. I personally like complicated and challenging requests, and my sense of tackling hard jobs makes me ready for almost any job in my areas of expertise, little or big. Having a great deal of experience in completing a wide range of projects in my fields of expertise has made me ready for hard jobs under tough deadlines while meeting clients’ expectation.
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