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Rizul Thakur
Member Since: 2015-09-09
Rizul did his B. Tech in Mechanical and Automation .During his college life Rizul was President of robotics club and has actively participated, organized and won many events both inter and intra amity. Rizul has been working as a freelancer since 2012 and has successfully completed more then 50+ engineering design projects and has a diverse design knowledge in mechanical, aerospace, civil and electronics domain. He has also published many research papers in mechanical domain.
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Hi, I am an award winning industrial designer who is passionate about making usable objects, with equal emphasis on functionality and aesthetics. I take my work seriously in an effort to provide nothing but the best for my clients and welcome challenges that allow me to push my creative limits. I am an industrial designer with 5 years experience. Finalist in the Well-Tech Awards 2013 in Milan Italy -. World's Fair of Industrial Design. Several of my projects are in the books of designs which can check the following link: BOOKS: BOOKS: Please check my website to view my projects and know a little more of the services I am at your disposal. Greetings Wilmer M. Industrial Designer
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Shawn M
Member Since: 2015-08-25
Mechanical/Industrial Engineer with 17+ years of experience, including but not limited to, CAD development, product design, project management, system integration, equipment design and manufacture, medical device design, FEA, and prototyping.
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Abid Punjani
Member Since: 2015-09-16
24th September 1989 is when I was born, The only thing apart from sports that I took seriously was Art. The need to study and make a career out of my not-so-exciting life in Rajkot, the idea was simple, graduate and get a job. However I came to know about the existence of this wonderful place called IMAGE Institute of Animation spend the next 3 years learning design, Animation there, I graduated in Computer Application and after that get the specialization in animation film design and graphic-web design . Today after being in the profession for more than 4 years I see myself as an artist who practices design for a living. I spend a good part of my time teaching design, traveling, going for bike rides & bird watching. I love myself & my work!
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I´m a venezuelan Mechanical Engineer graduated from Simon Bolivar University (USB), with years of experience in engineering projects on the piping and equipment area, I have worked in the design of several onshore and offshore facilities including: dehydration and separation process, fire protection systems, secondary oil recovery’s systems with water injection and treatment plants, gas compression systems, oil and gas transportation pipelines offshore facilities. I´m very well recognized by all my clients for all the solutions that I find for engineering problems and designs.
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Axel Drioli
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I'm curious and I always want to find new exciting experiences, regardless from the field, it has to be something that I didn't know before! Years of work-experience in different spheres, from Rapid Prototyping Design to Architectural Design and Research, from Customer Care Service to Music-Night Party Organizer Manager and Sound Designer/Dj, made me a professional figure capable to adapt to new working systems as well as provide the exact request of my customer, following and making his idea real combining digital technologies and manufacturing systems With all my experiences I built a solid and professional mentality, based on simple life-rules as respect and honesty.
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Keage Concepts
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My name is Darren McKeage and I'm a professional automotive, product and industrial designer. I have a Masters in Automotive Design and 8 years of experience doing design in this industry. My company Keage Concepts found it's roots in my previous company Motive Industries, an industrial & automotive design/engineering firm as well. Keage Concepts spun off as the design studio focusing on vehicle/product design, CAD modelling and visualization. If you have an idea or concept in mind, I'd love to speak with you to help realize your vision. I work with a large network of suppliers, engineers and groups in this field so I'm able to provide a complete picture from napkin sketch to physical product.
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