Hire Freelance Medical Device Designers

The medical device field has rapidly grown in the recent years. Thanks to 3D printing and rapid prototyping, virtually anyone can give their ideas a test and create avant-garde medical and surgical equipment. However, it’s important to emphasize that creating these devices isn’t a walk in the park. Because of the sensitive nature of surgery and medical treatments, the equipment that is used in these procedures should have excellent quality and must not put patients at risk of injuries.

If you’re designing a medical device, one of the best ways to ensure its quality is to work with an expert in this field. You can obtain the services of a design firm that specializes in medical equipment but, if you’re after excellent results at reasonable rates, you’ll want to hire medical device freelancers. Working with a freelancer is often less expensive than getting the help of a traditional firm, which means you can reduce your costs and save more money. 

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to compromise quality. Cad Crowd connect you with freelancers that have extensive training, and years of experience in the field. Many have worked for design firms before becoming freelancers. These allow them to provide high-quality medical device services to their clients and meet or even exceed their expectations.

You don’t even have to look far to find the right freelancers since you can easily hire them here on Cad Crowd. We have a global network of freelance medical device experts who have worked on both small and big projects for large corporations, startup businesses, and independent inventors. So, no matter what the size of your project is and what your requirements are, you have the assurance that our contractors are able to help you.

To find the right freelancer, simply explore our list of contractors, select those who have the right skills and experience for your project, and hire them directly through their member profile. If you don’t have the time to browse our list, or if you’re not sure what to look for, don’t worry. We're glad to help. Just send us your project brief, and we’ll select a vetted and pre-qualified freelancer who will provide you with excellent designs. 

You can also host a design contest through Cad Crowd. Simply describe what your project is all about and set a budget for it, then review the designs that our contractors would submit to you. Once you’re seen everything, choose the design that best fits your requirements and pay only for the winning submissions.

One of the best things about Cad Crowd is that we offer a full range of medical device services. We don’t just stop at helping you conceptualize your medical equipment; once you have a design that you like, we can assist you in bringing it to life through our network of 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing contractors. Whether you’re ready to go into full-scale production or you simply want to create a prototype to test your design’s functionality, we can work with you to make your ideas come true.


Greenwald US in coconut creek
Member Since: 2014-02-17
My name is Jonathan Greenwald, and I am a 28 year old New Product Development engineer who has been working in the Medical Device industry for approximately 7 years. I have a Bachelors Degree in Materials Science and Engineering (University of Florida MSE), a Masters degree in Medical Device and Diagnostic Engineering (University of Southern California MDDE), and am currently working on my Masters in Business Administration (University of Florida).
81 points
Christopher US in Naples
Member Since: 2016-11-03
Certified Solidworks Expert (CSWE) Product Design and Manufacturing Six Sigma Greenbelt 20 Years of Electro-Mechanical, Industrial and Medical Device Design
56 points
HDesign US in Missouri City
Member Since: 2017-01-13
I/we "make forms a functional part of life". With Ideation, I/we will formulate your ideas and concepts. I/we design, develop, consult, and/or market. www.getideation.com
10 points
chary IN in
Member Since: 2014-12-23
5 points
Nicnac US in State College
Member Since: 2015-06-08
I have 10+ years of Solidworks and 3D design experience as well as 4+ years of 3D printing experiences. I work within material molding and die design as well as consulting for medical devices and personal gadgets. I have previously worked in machine and productions shops and I am very familiar with the production process. I look forward to doing work with you. Thanks, Nicholas
5 points
Shawn M
Shawn M US in Newberry
Member Since: 2015-08-25
Mechanical/Industrial Engineer with 17+ years of experience, including but not limited to, CAD development, product design, project management, system integration, equipment design and manufacture, medical device design, FEA, and prototyping.
5 points
BenjaminK AU in Sydney
Member Since: 2016-06-13
As a professional CAD designer and draftsperson my previous projects have included hydraulic race-car trailers, scissor lifts, medical devices, water-pipe inspection robots and chassis extensions. Recently I completed my Engineering Thesis on the design of an exoskeleton prototype to assist stroke survivors in walking rehabilitation. I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Dean's Award for Best Engineering Thesis Presentation for this design. Following the submission of this thesis, I graduated with honours from the University of Technology, Sydney as a Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineer. As a user of SolidWorks, I am currently certified by Dassault Systemes as having achieved 'Professional' level for SolidWorks mechanical design. It is these skills, in conjunction with my 'design for manufacture' experience, that I can bring to your project to realise your design vision.
5 points
Zohour US in Bound Brook
Member Since: 2017-03-16
Biomedical engineering graduate with proficiency in SolidWorks, Creo/ProEngineering, and Autodesk Inventor. I am currently in the process of gaining my SolidWorks certification.
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Saminotech Design
Saminotech Design CA in Markham
Member Since: 2015-07-31
6+ years in medical, consumable products on mechanical development and design. Expert at Solidworks. 5+ years in product development/project management with medical devices for North America and EU markets.
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SMP Engineering
SMP Engineering US in Los Angeles
Member Since: 2013-12-30
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