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Cad Crowd is the place where you will find the best talent for marine survey drawing and other types of technical drawing. It’s our job to connect every client with freelance marine survey drawing experts that can create the best design for your new marine vessels. We have designers that are experienced, trained, qualified, and thoroughly vetted. At Cad Crowd, we know that these professionals will meet and exceed your expectations. Leave the problems out of hiring online and establish connections with top-rated professional marine survey drawing freelancers from Cad Crowd.

Marine survey drawing is a specific kind of drawing which is focused on composing drawings that provide a visual display of the way marine vessels are constructed or how they work. Marine survey drawing is crucial for communicating ideas in marine engineering. In order to create drawings that are simpler to understand, professionals in this field use easily recognizable symbols, page layouts, visual styles, notation systems, units of measurement and perspectives. 

There are two methods used for marine survey drawings today: manual (by instrument) or CAD. In the recent period, computer-aided design (CAD) is becoming standard in this field. This is quite natural because it makes the process much easier. CAD automates and speeds up this process and provides precision too. There are two different kinds of CAD systems used for the production of marine survey drawings: 3D or three dimensions and 2D or two dimensions. The 2D versions help designers create arcs, circles, lines and curves. 3D CAD systems, on the other hand, will first create the geometry of a certain part of the vessel and the technical drawing comes as a result of user-defined views.

Marine surveying drawing is partially engineering drawing. Marine vessels are becoming more and more sophisticated and they are used for many different purposes today. This is the reason why companies need experienced drafters and designers that are able to incorporate elements in the drawing that will help them use the latest technology in the new marine vessels. Of course, these vessels must be optimized for the type of job they are doing.

At Cad Crowd, we have designers that are capable of working with clients throughout the design process. Marine surveying drawing services include many different activities and the designers you can find at Cad Crowd are equipped to help you. We offer a comprehensive array of CAD design and engineering services that you won't find from conventional CAD companies.

The community that we have created now has thousands of experienced design professionals and experts from every part of the world. Cad Crowd is here to connect all the clients with the best freelancers. They provide top class marine survey drawing services at a reasonable price. Let us learn more about the project you have. Our team will evaluate your needs and we will send a suggestion that will include the best people for this type of job.  


Brendan Mahe
Brendan Mahe IE in Cork
Member Since: 2015-02-19
I am a Naval Architect with 10 years experience specializing in the design and construction of marine vessels and structures. I also have experience in component design e.g. awning components, crane and heavy equipment foundations, drive shaft design, fastener design, tang design. I can provide: - Time-efficient and quality design and drafting services. - Experienced 2d/3d drafter to Classification standards. - Component design, structural modeling and stress analysis (FEA, Euler beam modeling). - Technical report writer with fluency in French. - Ship stability booklets to Classification standards (ABS, RINA, LR, DNVGL, MCA, LY2). - Engineering calculations and problem solving (e.g. draining times, tonnage calculations, ship scantlings, load calculations, anchor specification, structural reinforcements).
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Member Since: 2012-10-12
My name is Marco Groot. I was born in the Netherlands and immigrated into New Zealand in 2000. After my school years I have worked in IT and CAD. My CAD skills include AutoCAD, Inventor and DraftSight. I also have IT skills in hardware, Office software and programming. Regarding my work ethics I can say that I'm a conscientious worker and am always looking for ways to do a better job, to anticipate the information my clients want and need.
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dematodesign ES in Madrid
Member Since: 2016-02-11
I am a naval architect with over 5 years of experience in the sector. I offer my services as a graphic designer specializing in the naval architecture, oceanic and marine engineering and shipbuilding , such as: Design and definition in 2D Design, definition, modeling and rendering in 3D Adding to my work the view, yardstick and judgment of a professional with experience. Currently I still working as a naval architect and marine engineer in a reference company for this area, which combine with my freelance activity in my free time in order to doing what I like and obtain some extra income. Soy ingeniero naval y oceánico con más de 5 años de experiencia en el sector. Ofrezco mis servicios como diseñador gráfico especializado en el sector naval y oceánico, tales como: Diseño, trazado en 2D Diseño, trazado, modelado y renderizado en 3D Añadiendo en mis trabajos el criterio, opinión y saber hacer de un profesional con experiencia. Actualmente continúo trabajando como ingeniero naval en una empresa de referencia, lo cual compagino con la actividad freelance en mi tiempo libre, con el fin de seguir haciendo lo que me apasiona a la vez que obtengo un ingreso extra.
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Stratis Marine
Stratis Marine GR in Athens
Member Since: 2014-08-30
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Member Since: 2014-12-09
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Nadil LK in
Member Since: 2017-01-19
Dear Sir, I have 17+ years of CAD/CAM experience in many engineering streams. Mastered in 2D and 3D. A Certified Solidworks Professional. I have mastered in Parametric Designing with Solidworks and AutoCAD, I have a sound knowledge of automating solidworks and AutoCAD using VBA and Auto LISP. Expert in ► 3D Modeling ► Walk Through Animation ► Mechanical Design ► Creating and updating drawings ► Converting drawings into DWG format (from PDF, hand sketches, blueprints, images, etc) ► 2D into 3D conversion ► Photo realistic rendering ► Animations (Engineering study) of 3D objects ► Preparing files for 3D Printing SOFTWARE: ► AutoCAD ► SolidWorks ► PTC Creo ► KeyShot ► 3D Max ► Corel Draw ► Photoshop My Samples Nadil Nishantha
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