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Process & Design Engineer • Creation the 3D Mechanical models / parts • Creation the technical documents and consulting • Numerical simulations and optimization • Identify opportunities for new products and product improvements • Writing documents, manuals, metallurgical investigations, and reports • Manage the creation of new equipment product lines from design, development, and pilot testing Designer • 3D modeling • 3D Rendering • Photo Retouching
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As the designer of the highly innovative Pulse Vector Generator, Dean Viglione has multiple years of industrial product design experience and his dedication & attention to detail saw him receive a Engineer Excellence Award from the Australian Academy of Engineers. From an early age Dean had a passionate interest in both energy efficiency & engine production with a view to recognising the direct and highly achievable synergy between the two. Dean’s view of the piston powered combustion engine is based on a belief that it should have seen the inside of a museum many years ago. With newly emerging power trains on the horizon and in particular, electric engines, there are many obstacles for the additional development of this technology including but not limited to the supply of all the essential material components like things with odd names like dysprosium, lanthanum, neodymium, and terbium which may have long term supply and production issues.
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Semih Ozdemir
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WHO I AM? I was born in Istanbul/Beyoglu on 12.03.1988. My education life has been in Istanbul and is continuing. I started my undergraduate education in Marmara Uni. in 2005. The same year my work life started part time in ARC Design a firm that does product design. The past 9 years i have been working as a designer in different countries and firms. Some of these are Defne Engineering (Istanbul), Turklift (Ankara), Mega Teknik (Ankara), HS Engineering (Mongolia- Russia). Meanwhile I have been working on freelance design too. Till this day I have done the product design and the conceptual design of over 500 products that have been manufactured. Some of these are considerably valuable while the others are small products. In the last years i have been working as a freelance designer in the field of automotive accessory design.
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Muhammad Salman Mughal
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I am Mechatronics Engineer, experienced in 3D Modelling using Solidworks, Creo Parametric, Product Design & Development, Manufacturing. Electronics Circuit and PCB Designing, Mathematics, Mechanical Designing and Exam Solutions.
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•Product designer, 3D Printing: I can design a 3D model of your idea and create a quality product that is ready for 3d printing and manufacturing. •Licensed Software and Tools, Manufacturing: I have licensed access to resources to create full concept designs, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, Design for manufacturing and 3D printing. •Mechanical solutions •3D Render Artist •Quality and Guarantee​ I am a full-time freelancer so I have the skills to work on your idea until complete and I can produce your vision to your expectation and full satisfaction. Let’s work together and bring your idea to life.
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Mechanical Engineer - Develoment Engineer - Design Engineer
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James Coupal
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Sushant Pathak
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Over 4.5 years of experience in design and development of Mechanical Jigs and Fixtures for automotive OEM. Process design, layout planning, optimization, special storage solution, low cost automation are few strong areas of mine. Project management, First time right and on time delivery are key points of my work output.
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