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3D Modeler with 12 years on the job. Drafting, Design, Shop Drawings, and 3D modeling for a steel fabrication / manufacturing company. Highly motivated with attention to detail. Other skills include any computer related material, PLC automation, some Java programming.
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TOM-e Automation and Consultant
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Tijani Oluwafemi Muhydeen is my name. A graduate of electrical engineering. A professional designer. Am a citizen of Nigeria.Hobbies are reading, CAD design, traveling and gaming. I am the CEO of TOM-e automation and consultant .
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Gustavo Caride de Carvalho
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Hello, my name is Gustavo, I am a mechanical engineer, I'm working in the manufacturing industry in 25 years and 8 as a mechanical engineer. My main field of activity is associated with the development of machines, components and design of metallic products. Ideally, I prefer to work in cooperation with my clients to create innovative and attractive designs. However, I am also able to review and update any project to make sure it's a viable product for the production, and, just as importantly, within your budget to produce. I have excellent knowledge and skills in SolidWorks product design Machine design, tool design, sheet metal design, fabrication drawings, 3D modeling. I can adapt my skills to most mechanical projects. The most important component of the project is to listen and understand what the customer wants. Then follow up with a solid solution and deliver it in time. When working with me at the beginning of your project, you are increasing the likelihood that your project will work. After all, the correct planned project leads to a process of simple and successful manufacturing. This saves time and money. I have a huge experience in the design of mass production parts from prototype concept to manufacturing of tool production, my focus is to implement my knowledge and acquire new professional experiences in a creative, independent, serious and motivated. My professional experience and its various stages developed knowledge both theoretical and technical areas of mechanical design and manufacturing (CAD, CAM), automation in mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic systems, modernization of transmission systems, human protection in equipment and systems, metal linked to equipment and machines and other areas. Of course, I am working in strict confidence. You can count on the highest level of professionalism and a commitment to serve as part of your team. My creativity, skills and knowledge that you can see in my portfolio. You will see several projects in many areas contact me to take any questions. Gustavo Caride de Carvalho Mechanical Engineer
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Kam CA
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SoftCAD Automation
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With a Masters in Industrial Automation and Robotics, and Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering,I bring with me unique expertise and a passion to excel.I am also self motivated,quick learner ,disciplined and extremely focused-skills which come to me as an accomplished sportsperson.
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