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Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing — commonly known as GD&T — refers to the definition and communication of engineering tolerances. Through GD&T, inventors, designers, and engineers can state the nominal or “as intended” dimensions of their products or components. They can also outline the allowable variations in the form, size, location, and orientation of the features. As a result, manufacturers and machinists are made aware of the level of accuracy and precision that’s needed for each product or part (and its features), and they can produce and assemble it accordingly.

GD&T is important since it acknowledges the fact that individual machine settings and even human error can play a role in the manufacturing process. By taking note of these factors, GD&T assures engineers, designers, and inventors that their parts or components will be manufactured according to their specifications — even if the machines and processes involved aren’t 100 percent perfect. 

There are several standards that define the rules and symbols used in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, and one set comes from the International Organization for Standardization. The process resulting from these standards is called ISO GD&T, and it’s applied both on engineering drawings and 3D CAD models. 

ISO GD&T is complex and requires mastery of its rules, principles, and symbols. But, if you’re not familiar with them or you don’t have the time for it, don’t worry. You can easily hire ISO GD&T freelancers from Cad Crowd. We have a large network of freelancers from all around the world, and they’re skillful and knowledgeable not just in making 2D and 3D CAD designs but also in using the ISO GD&T language to define dimensions and tolerances. Simply inform them about the nominal dimensions and allowable variations for your product or component, and they’ll indicate these on your drawings or models. 

Here at Cad Crowd, you can hire designers simply for freelance ISO GD&T solutions or for the entire conceptualization and design process. Our freelancers can help you create conceptual and detailed drawings, turn these into 2D designs and 3D models, and even make programmed commands for CNC machines using CAD and CAM software. Whatever you need, you have the assurance that Cad Crowd can help you.

To take advantage of our ISO GD&T services, simply send us your project details and we’ll connect you with a vetted freelancer who has the right background and skill set for your project. 

Alternatively, you can hire a freelancer directly through his or her member profile if you like the work in their portfolios. This gives you the freedom to choose someone whom you think is highly qualified to work on your project. You don’t have to worry about non-disclosure since this is already included in our legally binding terms of services and covers all of our freelancers.

Whether you need ISO GD&T freelancers for a one-time job or for a large ongoing project, Cad Crowd is the best place to start your search. Browse through our contractors’ profiles or get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

Joel K.
Member Since: 2016-10-13
I am a mechanical/manufacturing engineer with over 10 years experience in design engineering to support the manufacturing process. I worked as gauge and fixture designer for a leading firearms company, where I was tasked with plant-wide fixture and gauge design for a multitude of products. I specialize in design for manufacturability, and can tailor my designs to match your fabricating capabilities. Honesty and reliability are a few of my core principles, and you can be sure that if I tell you I'm going to do something, that thing will be done to the best of my ability.
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Member Since: 2016-10-25
58 points
Member Since: 2017-01-26
Click to edit summaryAccomplished, innovative Design Engineer with invaluable experience of successfully overseeing and completing projects from conception to completion. Key experience working within specific constraints, motivated and performance driven individual. Works well independently, whilst also displaying solid articulate and effective communication skills within a team environment. ISO EN 9606 – 1, Welding Certificate (131,135) STN 05 0706 Welding Certificate (ZM-1,ZM3,ZM7) CSWP - Certified Solidworks Professional Dassault Systèmes License Nr.: C - V4AHXU9WLJ CSWPA-SM - Certified Solidworks Professional - Advanced Sheet Metal Dassault Systèmes License Nr.: C - JN2KSN2HCE CSWPA-WD - Certified Solidworks Professional - Advanced Weldments Dassault Systèmes License Nr.: C - EGL67LRMZ5 CSWPA-DT - Certified Solidworks Professional - Advanced Drawing Tools Dassault Systèmes License Nr.: C - DKHEAR9CG3 Certificate of achievements in the field: Vehicle Dynamics SAE International – Society of Automotive Engineers International
27 points
Modest R
Member Since: 2015-02-24
26 points
Andrei Lovin
Member Since: 2015-11-08
Since October 2014 until present I have been working as a Mechanical design Engineer at multinational company supplier of General Electric. Here I took part in a 6 months “training on the job” program in Italy. Main projects for GE Oil & Gas - Nuovo Pignone: CCLNG Sabine pass LNG Umm Lulu Sakhalin Tanap
15 points
Sani IN in Pune
Member Since: 2016-02-07
We are the working peoples working in Designing of Material Handling Equipments, Automation Systems, Sheet-metal Control Panels , Hydraulic Press, Pneumatic Systems, Worktables etc. All above designing is done in 3D softwares like Solid-Works , Unigraphics & Solid-edge. We are proficient in all these softwares. As per customers requirement we are able to give all Designing, Detailing, Drafting and Manufacturing Drawings within specified time and date in any software. Manufacturing drawings are done as per all Manufacturing standards with proper GD&T, Surface treatments, Hardening Processes, Material selection etc within specified Date & Time. We want to work with your organisation. Pls if you have any type of work expecting from india then we are the peoples are ready to work with you at very reasonable cost. On Hourly Basis we charge Rs 450/hr (nearly $7/hr). Pls give us a chance to work with you.
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Member Since: 2014-10-16
Mechanical Design Engineer since 2005, I am an experienced user of SOLIDWorks, Catia V5 and AutoCAD Mechanical. Comprehensive understanding of prototype, medium and high-volume manufacturing processes, selection of suitable materials in order to optimize designs, including metals (machining techniques, casting, weldment, sheet metal fabrication) and plastics (injection molding, fabrication). Vast expertise in areas such as Technical Drawing, Tolerance Analysis, Machine Elements(spur gears, bevel gears, worm gears, V-belts, T-belts, chains, helical compression / tension springs, Belleville springs, helical torsion springs, torsion bars, leaf springs, bolts, pins, beams, shafts, shaft couplings, bearings), Materials Science, Production Engineering, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (layout of engineering drawings in relation to ISO / US / UK standards).
5 points
James Licari
Member Since: 2014-10-31
Comprehensive mechanical and materials knowledge from real-world applications developing and troubleshooting race tuned, naturally aspirated, and forced induction gasoline and diesel engines, suspensions, and fuel systems, as well as a practiced fabricator using woods, metals, fiberglass, carbon fiber, resins, epoxies, and other composites. Oversee implementation from initial project planning, scoping, and requirements through flawless deployment. Possess keen ability to identify innovative strategies to achieve ambitious objectives and the highest expectations; continually develop cutting-edge tools and methodologies to provide maximum business value.
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Member Since: 2015-06-29
Designer with analytical process, electrohydraulic and PLC controls with management, field experience in safety critical oil/gas and power control systems
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Machin3 Mak3r
Member Since: 2016-07-04
ABET accredited Mechanical Engineer with mechanical design experience in various manufacturing sectors and 5+ years of experience with SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, and Creo. Skilled in various manufacturing processes for machined and forged, and casted components, 3-D (rapid prototyping) components, GD&T, and following drawing practices that follow ANSI and ISO standards.
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